TrendSignal : Any Opinions ?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by setu, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Anyone used this software called TrendSignal & if yes, any opinions about it ?

    They claim 85% accuracy and it is developed by Floor Traders & Professional traders.

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    Yes, it's excellent, as are all products designed by floor traders and professional traders. I once bought a product designed by an amateur trader that had only been trading for 2 days, that didn't work very well at all.

    I've hit 85% accuracy with it, and have turned 800 dollars into 10 million dollars in three weeks. I've had better, but this one is pretty good. Not sure why they haven't just sold it to a large investment bank for 10 billion bucks, I think it's because they really like working with people.

    Yes, if you are very very stupid, then I'm sure this product will work very well for you. If you believe it's hard to find a signal that will generate something you can call 85% accuracy, then you've never tried very hard.

    If someone had a signal that worked, they would be amongst the very richest people in the world. They would not sell it on a website. Get this, there is no such thing as a signal that will make you money. Quit being dumb.
  3. Right on Bro Joe.

    I am going to quit watching Comedy programs on TV.

    I get more laughs here.

    More comments people, pleeeeeeeeeease.
  4. ==================

    Yes SetUp;
    I like thier ad,no not the spread betting part of it. I am talking about thier use of moving averages, COOL,coloful moving averages:D

    85% accuracy= not likely at all;
    but even if its 88.8%, that still means anyone could be wrong 12+ straight months in a ROW in a 100 month period. Are you aware that??????????????????????????????????????????

    So,as far as spending $49 per month;
    no[No, NO, No ,No, No, repeat NO ] . Buy that amount in books for many month/years. Or borrow them at a library for free:cool: Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Actually, also stay away from the spread bet part ;
    but $49 /month for moving average help , you could do worse....................

    murray trend T :cool:
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  7. levace


    I was pissed off when my husband purchased this trendsignal for £3,000 non-refundable, and they would not gonna tell you that their software work with another software called Ensign that you have to pay another $49.99 every month that if you won't get this, their software would be useless. It's not beneficial as i thought it would be because its not reliable I tried to rely on their signal but i was not happy at all. Now, i am using FXCM, and i am so happy because they also have a signal when it goes up and down more accurate and reliable than the £3,000 worth trendsignal that will just give you head ache all the time. That is why no wonder, they dont do refund as they trap you first by not telling you that it comes with another software that you have to pay every month for it to work. Because in the market, the profit is obvious, You can win or lose but having and finding a good chart and signal for free like the one in FXCM is fantastic. Also, I cant find in their website where I can put comments or suggestions regarding their product which is annoying because you'll end up hopeless having no satisfaction and guarantee after you purchased this product.
  8. I really did want this software to work, after spending £3,000 plus on it plus weeks of my life learning about the signals and reading lots of comments about it (for months) I thought I could follow the rules and work towards getting my money back. However, even with the training it still took a lot of effort to keep up with the new trades each week and I quickly ran into difficulties finding the time to do all the checking every week given the hours it was taking. I stuck with it but I wish I hadn't - I lost over £4000 in 6 months of trading with it and I don't think I was the only one - looking at the comments on the internal webinars I think a lot of people lost money on it - maybe it was profitable in 2016 but they need to update their models to deal with the new world post Trump- they clearly have not worked out how to do this yet. A very painful depressing experience all round.
  9. ironchef


    I am amazed that they are still in business after 6 years?

    Clicked on their website, just like thousands of similar sites claiming successes and helping their students making easy money for very little work: just follow their signals! However, they are a lot smarter than most: charge an arm and a leg so consumers think expensive=good.

    I have many friends that paid from $199 to $799 to attend trading seminars ran by "experts". The $199 seminars usually tried to sell them an investment program where they helped invest for you. Quite a few lost most of the investment $ when they agreed to give them $ to invest for sure profits. To my knowledge, none made any money for my friends.

    Thank you for having the courage to post and share your experience with us. There is no short cut in trading. If you are still interested in trading, hang around and you will find a lot of folks willing to give you their honest opinion and like me you can learn something useful.

    Good luck to you.