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  1. What I'm looking for is a website or service that I can put any stock, index or commod into and be told a fast, reasonable consensus of what the trend is. Time (long, intermed, or short) can be defined or user defined.

    Wasting too much time waiting for charts to load, trying to apply different ways of drawing trendlines and wading through different interpretations, all of which is causing me info overload and confusion. On the other hand, something too simple like "opinion - bearish" without a time frame like the barcharts site would not be helpful.

    An example would be if I typed in DJIA, it might say Long - down, Intermed - sideways, Short - down, then let me see more info if I wish showing me a chart (maybe with trendlines) or some reason why.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Trader?5287, I don't understand what is so hard about determining the trend ?

    You are kidding us aren't you ?

    To start off with, if you want to rely on someone else's opinion or filter, is that other party's time frame the one you want to work in ?

    Do you know what is meant by 'timeframe' ?

    Are you collecting data on a daily basis so that you have past data sitting on your computer enabling you to put up a chart ?

    What is so difficult in running a simple filter (say a set of moving averages) on the charts ? With one glance you can see what the situation is. Where do trend lines come into the picture ?
    Do you know at all what a moving average is ?
    Do you know what candlesticks are ?

    If you need to rely on others for such basic information as what the trend is it may perhaps be time to seriously consider whether trading is or isn't for you.

  3. Jack, take it easy on Trader.

    There is such a site. Visit Move radio button to "opinion", type your ticker symbol, and hit enter. use TA, including moving averages Jack has talked about. TA is good but it has a few limitations. is not my site, and I don't get anything from them, but sometimes I wish it was mine; because it is a good site.

    I hope this will help.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys. Some more on the reason why I want this is to greatly speed up checking on ideas that come to me during the day and after. I have read books on TA over the years and it doesn't sink in well for me. Akin to trying to learn how my oil burner works. I can afford to have someone else do it for me so I will. As though I had some real technicians or a Cashin working for me and simply ask, "What's the story on IBM or Australian broad wool, right now?" This is the way head traders, partners in law firms etc. operate and an area where the net has yet to level the field for me with the charting sites that I struggle with. I want the answer first, the reason later if at all. The other reason is based on Victor Sperandeo's chapter on trends in Trader Vic in which he discussed incorrectly drawn trend lines leading me to conclude that there is a lot more to it than whether the right side of the page is higher or lower than the left especially with shorter time frames and more sideways type action. There was no financial TV to speak of when he wrote that book but I definitely suspect that he would cringe at some of the charts that are now thrown up on the tube now, in print media and on certain websites.

  5. Geo (Trader5287), if you indeed are collecting share data into your computer AND therefore also have got some charting software, PM me and I will provide you (at no charge) with a simple system which would allow you to make selections without needing to spend a lot of time on it.

  6. Steve nice site, thanks for the help.
  7. Looks like you are in need of WizeTrade! I'm not quite sure if that's the right name or how to spell it, but I'm talking about the infamous "red lights and green lights". AFAIK they have TV commercials and rather loud speakers at shows.
  8. One more thing. I sometimes may have indicated that the trend isn't necessarily your friend. Maybe I should have rather said: The trend is your friend, but it's no use kissing it's behind.
  9. Oh no Lobster, lol, yes I remember the red light green light thing. They looked like little traffic lights.

    I don't recall that I could understand that site either. Oh my.

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