Trends and forecasting them

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  1. First of , let me state some absolute truths about markets.

    1/ Trends are present in any time frame.

    2/ Markets are symmetrical, but only in 3D environment.

    3/ Markets ( non manipulated ) have inner order, different order for different market.

    Because of all above, markets are predictable and any trend's top or bottom can be determined with at least 80% accuracy. Price action alone can be used to forecast tops and bottoms of all trends.

    So those of you who do not have profitable trading method yet should concentrate their research on above.
  2. Is that so?
  3. jerryz


    would you mind describing the level of your trading success info so that we can assess the value your words?
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    I've seen some of your results on GOOG on another thread. Please don't get put off by some unavoidable foolish posts, and continue your explanation.

    What do you mean by "3D environment"?