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  1. TD80


    Alright so I've decided to throw my hat into the journal ring. Here goes:

    The reasoning:

    1. I think it will be good for ET to have a trend-following journal with some setups discussed including entry/stop/exit.

    2. I'm inspired by a great ET contributor, marketsurfer, and I feel that I should atleast attempt to contribute in the same manner.

    3. I occasionally daydream of running a hedge fund, making the big plays, being the top dog, being the best. I don't have the typical
    industry background nor do I have access to a bunch of wealthy individuals of a speculative nature. I doubt I'm going to attract
    a talent scout or large investors on ET, but what the heck, it's public record, win or lose, and you never know who is reading.

    The method:

    1. I'm not going to go into alot of details, and I am not planning to divulge all the intracacies of my system, but let me say it is 90% common-sense and can be derived pretty easily. I have worked long and hard on it, and simplicity was the end result (ironic eh?).

    2. That being said the general theory is that I'm looking for pullbacks in a trend, and then I'm looking to enter an issue that tips its hand when there is an exhaustion of supply/demand. Market transparency reveals itself eventually, patience is the key.

    3. The time frame of most of the trades will be either intra-day, or for the multi-day timeframes 3-5 days.


    1. This is a trading thread, not a flame thread, personal attacks will simply be ignored.

    2. I don't guarantee any performance whatsoever, but I do guarantee timely entry/exit/stop numbers.

    3. I have no set plans as to how long I will run this journal.

    The game is poker, so let us play some cards!

  2. That in and of itself is refreshing enough to make me a reader of your journal. Good luck!
  3. Good luck. I like trend following and use it in my methods.

  4. Trapper


    I look forward to your journal!

    Best regards,

  5. TD80


    Thanks for all the responses.

    Broad market analysis (daily basis):

    Nasdaq: Neutral (range)

    Dow: Bullish Trend

    S&P 500: Bullish Trend

    Target: IMCL

    Buy: 40.70

    Initial Target: 42.70

    Stop: 39.70

  6. fan27


    Nice looking chart (IMCL). How big is your universe of stocks that you trade? Looking forward to your journal.

  7. TD80


    Thanks fan, we'll see how IMCL does, it can really move both ways! My universe is pretty sizeable for multi-day plays. I generally just want the stock over 10$ and more than 1 million shares traded daily at the very least.

    I trade only with the trend of the broad index of the exchange the stock belongs to, I also take a look at its sector and if it is in a basket (etf). If the trend is neutral on a given index (i.e. the nasdaq right now), then I am willing to go long or short nasdaq stocks.

  8. TD80


    Target: FDRY

    Buy: 25.50

    Initial Target: 27.00

    Stop: 24.75

    System is saying we've got some longs in nasdaq issues even though nasdaq feels questionable inside of this range, especially vs. dow. My esoteric hypothesis is that the witching effect is negative on the nasdaq and is holding it back, once this effect has lifted we will see resolution in these issues.

  9. TD80


    IMCL stop was gunned today.

    Out -2.5%.

    FDRY looking ok, need a little index cooperation though.

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