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  1. Hi,

    I have released new version of my genetic-analysis program TrendMedium 3.0
    TrendMedium uses a highly complex algorithm to create profiles of stock movements, speculatively modeling and then using a genetic selection process to refine the model over a large number of iterations and variables, allowing an almost infinite flexibility and precision to be achieved.

    TrendMedium allows you to:

    * Identify turning points in stock movements.
    * Surfing Your Positions With Unique Wave Stops
    * Verify forward-trading ability of the trading system with Out Of Sample Test.

    Eugene Labunsky.
    TrendMedium Intelligent Stock Profiling - Intelligent Stock Profiling

    PS. If you can help me and proofread guide - let me know please. I'll give you Lifetime update license.
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  2. Read more about Surfing Your Positions With Unique Wave Stops in SEP Stocks&Commodities magazine, please.

    Eugene Labunsky.