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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by retire45, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Does anyone here know of a platform where you can right-click a trendline and instruct to close, reverse,.. etc on price close through the trendline?? Tradestation has it but I find it not well implemented at all.. Trendlines are perhaps the most used way to determine trends so you would think this would be a VERY common feature.

  2. This would be most useful as a trailing stop loss.. I am yet to find any way to properly trail a position. Most I have seen are linear. This way I can visually determine the rate at which the trail occurs.
  3. I am not able to define trend lines for my computer programs. I think trend lines are sometimes an opinion and perhaps an illusion. I suspect speed lines might be defined sufficiently for me to write computer programs.
  4. Trendlines as I know them are drawn manually every time. I am not looking for computer automation for this.
  5. Check Open e cry's platform out. When I demoed with them, I recall applying a trailing stop to a trend line.
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    If you trade forex you can use IG markets. They use pro realtime as their charting package and it allows traders to manage trades via trendlines.
  7. Trading futures only... I will look at both Open E Cry and ProRealTime.. Thanks
  8. retire45, I believe Amibroker can alert when price crosses a trend line (I have not tried it out personally, just informing you from memory). Check out this thread, which also has the script used to achieve the alert:

    Edit : Just noticed that you asked for actions (close your order, etc;) not just alerts. This should be possible, but you will end up learning AFL, the scripting language.
  9. Thanks I will look at it..