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    has anyone had any experience with the trending123 web site or Naturus E mini futures chatroom?

    any comments?
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    I was a member for 2 months. I cancelled because the posted results were not actual trading results. She calls the trades and then takes credit for the winners and dumps the losers. Nice not to have to worry about slippage.

    The technical analysis was good and I think if you were careful, it could be profitable. It just irritated me that she was claiming results that were fictitious. This is the biggest issue with most trading services. Franz/TI, Kingfish, IOAMT, etc. If you'll notice, she has a disclaimer now that says the results are not real trading results. That was put up because I complained.

    Actually it does make sense, the poor results. If you're taking the time to talk/present to an audience, you can't really concentrate on trading.

    Right now, I use Traders Audio with Mike Kuta. Biggest benefit is knowing what the largest traders are doing. Kuta does some trading but it's unprofitable. Second benefit is it cuts the monotony of the trading day. I also a got a big discount so I think it's worth it. If I had to pay the full price, I would probably cancel.
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    she is hard to understand but jugging from steady number of members may be her style could benefit certain members, as a newbie you can ask her question and get good explanation but as you gain experience you should move on. Mike Kuta assessment is right on.
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    My only concern is how much of a "tuition" you're going to be paying to get up to speed. Before she had put up the disclaimer, most people like myself believe the numbers were real. You could potentially blow out trying to match her fictional results. Never knowing that those results were unattainable. She posted some pretty amazing numbers.

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    it's very cruel to do that

    anyone can have amazing numbers, if you make them up
  7. I definitely understand the point of breaking the montony of a trending day (which, assuming you are the right side of the move, may or maynot be boring :D ), but what's the point of following a guy who is unprofitable?

    You could do better by following the readings of some of the better traders here.


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    yes, come to think of it, it was interesting to know what 'big guy' up to but it is even more importance to figure out what market is doing.
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    Well, take today for instance, I was short 15 minutes before the close, thinking of MOCing it. Coincidentally, Kuta had a day trade with the idea of doing the same thing. Instead at about 4:05pm, he abruptly said he was closing out his position right then. He had gotten an IM from someone on the floor about a good deal of MOC buy orders at the close. I decided to close out my position as well. The info was correct and the market went up.

    This type of info doesn't come too often but it's invaluable when it does.

    Another thing he talks about are buy/sell stop orders. When the market suddenly jumps 1pt or so, it could be program buying or a block of buy/sell stops being triggered. You definitely don't want to try to fade at that point.

    Analyzing his trades, if one was inclined, I could see someone tweaking his trades so that they were profitable. He has some really good runners but it's his losers that really hurt him. He says he's not a scalper but if he would cut his losses a little faster or took profits a little earlier, he could be net positive.

    There is a lot of noise on this forum. In addition, there really isn't as much good info dealing with the type of trading that I do. Daytrading the index futures. Traders are probably keeping the good stuff to themselves.

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    Sometimes, the big guy is the market. Kuta talks about a big russell trader who has been consistently short since May or earlier. The liquidity on the Russell isn't as deep as other markets like the SP so the trading of one person or fund can move the markets.

    There was times when Kuta mentioned that the big guy was trying to unwind his short position. I could definitely see the ER respond to his trading.

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