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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Trader4ever, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Hi colleagues,
    my strategy on the market is to buy trending stocks. Every day I screen the market, find stocks that match my criteria best and buy them. Using tool I found the following stocks are in trend: AXYS, BMI, CEL, CHP, ISYS, SLH, TCN
    Do you think it's reasonable to buy them now? What do you think about my strategy?
  2. No, it's not for me. I don't listen to "black boxes" services.

    Or if someone talks something like you should buy this stock or sell another, etc. I never hear them. I always want to know details of why I need buy/sell something. I'm taking into account many of technical indicators and prefer trending stocks.

    BTW, I've bought some of these stocks a week ago, now I have +12% (+$2,400) in my portfolio !!!

    I hope they will continue hit their highs! :)
  3. Exactly! keep it simple. As Mr. Lane said, "the trend is your friend". You can also add MANT to the list. I think you'll like that stock.

    POT, MON, CF, MOS are also trending but could undergo a correction if oil continues to correct.

    I usually use slow/fast stochastics and the 65 and 200 MAs.
  4. Seems you use Stochastics as signal indicator and MAs as filters,
  5. Dan777


    My trend pick is:


    They are constantly growing...
  6. Trader4ever you are exactly on the right path. Finding stocks that yield the characteristics that personally fit your trading strategies and vision is the true path to profit. I dare you to try and expand past the trend strategy. I use to be right where you were with my trusted trend stocks. Now besides my trend stocks i have around 5 to 6 lists of stocks that fit my exact specific strategies for every day trading. The great thing about the market is making it what you want it to be.