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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by hitman505, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. hitman505


    Hi there folks, just a word of advice, do not subscribe to trending 123. THis guy is a joke and a first class idiot. If you like short term trading between 1 - 3 months with a 50-60% accuracy, then its for you.

    the room is for option wannabe traders. If you want some advice from him about a certain stock or index, he will not say, because it is not on his so called alert picks table.

    He also gets intimidated if someone ask him a question, and recommmends them to his scanner which is not the world's best.

    Paying an idiot and listening to an idiot and his dog barking all day is something i can do without.

    Oh yeah dont forget, when you decide to leave, remember to recieve the hate mail from him, telling you wat a loser you are and were not meant to be a trader.

    DONT EVEN GO THERE!!!!!!!!:mad: