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  1. Can anyone comment on this?
  2. Really great service...

    Waxie is very acurate and one of the best traders in the world..

    Like they say in the infomercial... " a Warren Buffet in the making " ..

    In my opinion the only difference between Waxie and Buffet.. is that Waxie has Tiny (chief technical analyst) on his team...

    Waxie will probably out cachingo Buffet in a matter of a few more years...

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    Not sure I understand the voting choices.
  4. I would have to recommend Waxie on all three points.

    Excellent service, value for money, concise education, and profitable trading style.
  5. The two guys that I know who used this service for daytrading lost all their money. They used this for over a year. Beware!
  6. waxie's calls have been ultra wrong lately. yeah, he claims to have called the top of the tech market--and he may have. however, as of 6 months ago or so, he was calling for a drop of epic proportions in the nasdaq and djia--- WRONG he is. he is a one trick pony who will soon fade in obscurity.


  7. The best services out there (if you can't find yourself a mentor who you can sit beside and learn from) will get you to a good stage on the learning curve within 3 months, after which time I would suggest that a chatroom becomes a waste of your time and money (diminishing returns over and above what you have picked up) and you now should be at the stage where you can trade unaided (a further 6months- 2years of individual trading is necessary before you can get to the stage of consistent profitability... I reckon 10% of people who try, tops, get to this stage)... the chatroom simply needs a supply of traders to do well e.g. 100 traders in a room at $400 a head is $40k a month for the chatroom owner, which is decent money... this explains why chatrooms and other vendors are always popping up, since start-up costs are relatively low...

    I can't comment on Waxies site, but if he has a free 1 month trial maybe you should take it... that way, if you are learning from being with him, you only need to pay for a further 2 months or so, before you leave... I do know of two sites whose chatroom moderators I respect:
    1) threei (who is a member here and posted a lot of great stuff on before ET took over as the trading site of choice) from
    2) Brandon (another ET member, who I occasionally chat with on my Yahoo Messenger during quieter spells of the trading day) from

    I always recommend newbie traders try these two outfits out first, since they offer a newbie without a mentor what is needed to get going down the path of trading...
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    He made one good call as far as the bubble bursting in late 1999.
    Trendfund's calls lately are lukewarm at best! Do his FREE Trial and see for yourself. His book is not bad for an entry level trader. $400 a month for WHAT? Information from "!" Tiny happens to be an excellent technician.

  9. Oh well, so much for my attempt to deceive.

    In reality, I have no idea who Waxie is or what trendfund is about, but if it's a chatroom, well, I wouldn't bother with it.
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    Yes. I think he was one of the people calling NASDAQ 700, Dow Jones 5,000 (or something like that) over six months ago.

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