Trendax - The Money Making Machine ?

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    Kim Schmitz, the former computer hacker, is back. He founded Trendax and is now looking for investors. Everyone knows something about the system they have developed or the people behind it?

    "Trendax is an automated trading system operating simultaneously on multiple markets. Its AI-based decision system selects the optimal combination of trading strategies for current market conditions. Trendax specializes in the all major future markets: stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Although mainly focused on future markets, Trendax also operates on other markets for optimization and hedging purposes.

    Trendax is able to improve itself by continuously back-testing multiple scenarios and varying the strategy parameters. Trendax uses a complex combination of sophisticated technical analysis, real-time content analysis of news feeds, multi-dimensional statistical analysis and advanced proprietary mathematical techniques. Its sophisticated trade management, thus limiting the downside risk while maximizing profits. Trendax is a fault-tolerant distributed system with multiple nodes located in strategic locations all over the world, ensuring that all trades are successfully executed even in the event of any failure in the system."

    Here is a (german) article about it:,1518,244901,00.html
  2. kim schmitz was accused of several large betrayals from 1998 - 2001 and was involved in the scandal.
    i think he was sentenced to a prison penalty in 2002.
    check out, it is a rather funny site, but,
    ahmmmm..., the last thing for me would be to give money
    to this guy.
  3. Ninja


    He is a sly dog. I wouldn't give him my money, but I would like to know more about his ATS...

  4. my personal opinion: the system does not exist, the screenshots
    are probably made with paint shop pro...:D
    it wouldn't be the first time kimble tries it this way...
  5. his trendax website has to be the most impressive web page I have ever seen. I didn't feel compelled to drop one cent into his fund though. But he gets kudos for making me go "wow....oooh, WOW," more than a few times.

    Only a Homer would go "wow" and then be blind enough to get suckered into a "D'oh!"
  6. this fat boy has no clue of future trading at all. Trendax is a little piece of sh*t, to say so.
    It is quite easy to programme some stuff with tradestation or whatever and then fitting it, so that you get theoretical performance of over 1000%, been there, done that.
    I guess, some stupid idiots will get burned with that sh*t.
  7. Would you trust someone who loves Thai boy-toys, aged 15-17 preferred.

    Give these scammers credit though, they've got the perserverance and ability to get things going.
  8. What a looker!

    The photo on his website looks like he's had one of those crappy US daytime TV show's 'makeovers'.

    I love those shows when they tell the ugly fat ones that 'real beauty is on the inside'.
  9. That's the worst thing I've seen in 2003. Star Trek apparently still has some pretty big fans...


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