Trend Trading To Win, Or Snakeoil Infomercials To Win?

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  1. I cant be believe my "freakin" eyes, this guy's got "everybody" ruling the "freakin" markets. This dude has "Bo Duke" backing up his product.

    Are those the people I'm trading with?..... my grandma's "bingo" friends, the "Goodfellas" wives, and the "cryps" from Riker's Island? I want everyone to make money trading, but come on...The SEC hasn't looked at this yet?

    Is that where this business is going.

    This informercial made me sick. When I visit my grandma at the nursing home, am I going to see her in a trading room and instead of hearing bingo numbers, they'll be yelling out breakouts on the ES?

    Maybe I'm missing something help me out.
  2. FinStat


    the infomercials are an embarrassment.

    to suggest that a person can make consistent money "in just a couple of hours a week" is totally irresponsible.

    aside from that......very entertaining :D
  3. kachingo


    Who's your Daddy? You can do the jig and kapowsa till the cows come home. But those infomercials are a farse. Does anyone know if he has picked a winner lately? Seems like an egotistical self promoter to me. Hey, for $9.99 you too can rule the freakin markets. Something wrong here? I didn't know it was that easy :D
  4. Is that the infomercial where the guy shows the chart of BLUD going from $1-20>? I came home wasted one night really late and turned on the tube to see it.....LMAO. They followed it up with a "learn heart surgery from home package" :D
  5. You call that an infomercial? I thought is was a sick, pathetic joke. Rule this! If you really want to be a successful trader, you need more than a few minutes and a couple of dollars. Its a serious business, not something you market to pensioners and social security recipients. See you on the other side.:cool:
  6. newtoet


    It blows my mind that people think they can still get rich off something they order from TV after a late-night "infomercial".

    Whether it is the Parness crap, Real Estate, Placing Ads - whatever. Why do people fall for this garbage?

    But, I know they do. Those guys make money hand over fist over weak minded, ignorant people who think they can get rich by ordering a course for a few hundred dollars.
  7. Sounds like that bozo "waxie" polluting the late night air waves again - Wonder if Waxie Sanitary Supply in San Diego knows the jerk is infringing on their trademark name :)

    He claims his stock picks are up 1000% - maybe his traders up that big since he seems to routinely front run his paying chat room suckers - it's one of the most worthless things I've seen but apparently there are still some people who've drunk the KoolAid.

    As far as $9.99 goes, got to read the fine print - that's a sham too - it's $9.95 for a "trial" and then you have to pay $234.80

    Besides, how can you trust a goofy looking schmuck who's not smart enough to get professional hucksters to front his commercial. His ego must be a whole lot bigger than his brain to think he's anything but a bad joke on that screen. :)
  8. dbphoenix


    I think it's great. Those online brokerage commercials that ran in early 2000 helped draw all sorts of suckers into the market. Let's hear more.
  9. I made $10,000 in one day trading the trend!

    This stuff is the real deal!!! Trend trading works!!!

  10. So let me get this straight

    If Parness makes a call to buy C- - at 2.33 today, and it's at 2.48 when it's called and he said he owns 50k and tells everyone not to chase but you know they will, and drive the stock up the 2.70

    Is that what you call Trend Trading to Win?

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