Trend Trading--- A must read book!

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  1. It's odd that Amazon doesn't display a publication date for the book. I think I'll wait a few weeks before deciding whether or not to buy it. By then, ten or twenty Amazon customers will have posted reviews, which may provide a clearer picture. Occasionally you come across a book on Amazon where it's completely obvious that the reviewers are "shills", which is helpful data in and of itself.

  2. yes, good points, although I believe the book was released earlier in the week. i am fortunate enough to have an advance copy. the authors pedigree at knight really adds value to the book,imho.


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    Mktsurf, someting fishy here. All of a sudden you now post a review at Amazon touting the book there also. You also have an advanced copy. Hmmm.....
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    Take a look at Marketsurfer's review of Michael Covel's Book!
    Another "Fishy" situation.

    He recommends the book on Elite Trader, then he bashes the author for quoting him.
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    There's nothing wrong with recommending a book.
    I just ordered it with free shipping and no tax.

    Worst Case: I return it.
    Best Case: I learn something from it that I can use in my trading.

    You can wait for it in the bookstore and read for free if the book is too much of a risk to buy.
  6. bought it
  7. This book is unique due to Kendricks experience as a MM for Knight as VP. He has an understanding of volatility related to risk and is able to explain this critical concept in a very detailed and actionable manner--- something I have never seen in another trading type book.


  8. I imagine this applies primarily to longer term trading? Its hard to find good information applicable to daytrading.
  9. well they are marketmakers. $35 bucks to find out seems cheap.
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