Trend Simplicity, Anyone Use It?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by bdunn, May 11, 2005.

  1. bdunn


    Hi all:

    Anyone familiar with the Trend Simplicity program at

    Anyone who use it please input some comments.

    Many thanx in advance!

    - Bill
  2. didn't realize it's that simple
    Trend Finding is Edge Finding and Edge Finding is Trend Finding
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  3. Bill,

    If you want to avoid the perception that you might be spamming the board its a good idea to post only once.

    I am not familiar with this product but if one is buying systems a great place to start is futures truth. They are not perfect but will give you a lot more information on which to base your decision.
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    nononsense, ever thought of a career as a oneLineGagWriter at some late show? :)

    i think some years ago "computerised" was the key selling word in trading, then we had "pattern", "self learning", now we are in "adaptive" and ... "simple". i mean it is really a paradox, someone tries to tell you can trust the thing, because it is ... "simple", but at the same time he tells you you need him because, well ... it is not "simple" enough that you could do it on your own.

    financial marketing sucks. grrr.

    (nononsense, please drop me a line.)
  5. :D x 10^23
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    sh. haven't realised.
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    I didn't mean to spam... sorry...
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    to trust or not to trust ...
  9. Anti-Spam would be simple, however spam isn't. :confused: :D