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  1. OK, this system's results sound just like any other BS pie-in-the-sky but they claim that they actually trade the system and do get those results; they also say they can prove it. Interesting.. Anyone have anything to say about TR?
  2. give us a url bro....
  3. I wouldn't recommend it. I have heard some bad rumors about them.

  4. nkhoi

    Release 4544-01 (CFTC Docket 01-16)
    For Release July 12, 2001


    Gramalegui Made False Claims that his Mother Profitably Traded with his

    WASHINGTON - The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced today
    that it filed and settled an action on July 12, 2001, against Vail, Colorado
    resident Gregory L. Gramalegui for failing to disclose that the so-called
    trading results presented in his advertisements were based on hypothetical,
    rather than actual, trading.

    As part of the settlement, the CFTC issued an order finding that Gramalegui,
    who was doing business as S&P Safe Co., repeatedly used a false
    advertisement in marketing his commodity trading system called the Trend
    Reflection Trading System.

  5. good info nik, you probably just saved somebody some money.
  6. Babak


    So why is the CFTC allowing him to operate that website?
  7. nkhoi


    there is a big loop hole, as long as an operator put on the disclaimer "warning trading can lose all of your money" and saying "this is for educational purpose only" then an operator can operate freely.
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    The CFTC is quite an interesting agency.

    These are *my* opinions only ...

    The idea behind the CFTC is interesting ... independent government agency. Over the past two years I've received 3 letters of inquiry about different suppliers of futures-related products. The questions asked in the letters were nothing more than a fishing license.

    Many filings are done against vendors for fraud, etc. Sure, there are many vendors that misrepresent to some extent in advertising ... show me an industry that doesn't. Every other week I hear the local car dealership having their "biggest sale of the year".

    To me, it seems like security related gov't agencies (SEC, etc.) goe after small fish who don't have the deep pockets to fight them in court. Enron ... billions in misreported earnings, hidden debt ... no problem. 14 year old buy pumps-n-dumps stock on message boards ... fine!

    Bottom line is theory behind the CFTC and peers is good, however going after someone who forgot to post hypothetical warnings on their website 4 years ago is silly. File civil charges, settle out of court for a fine, defendant never admits to wrong-doing ... perfect case of bureaucracy attempting to justify its existence.

    Oh ... my disclaimer ... these opinions about futures in hypothetical and are created with hindsight in mind. Having opinions about futures trading involves risk and is not for everyone. Some of the risks include having others post conflicting opinions, having the moderator delete your post, among others. Each person should consider the factors before forming their own opinions about futures trading.


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