Trend PC-cillin ... is it a fortune teller

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by fearless9, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I have just installed a 2nd hard drive on a PC and installed a trial of Trend PC-cillin to stand watch over it.

    PC-cillin, the clever little bugger, has detected no less than 4-6 other computers in the neighbourhood sniffing into my wireless connection.

    Now, my wireless router is back in its box with no connection to the net or even to the power.

    What is PC-cillin trying to tell me?
  2. I don't use PC-cillin, but I doubt it's identifying explicit sniffing on/in YOUR connection. It likely has identified OTHER wireless connections in your neighborhood. So, the question is, which connections are secure. Thayt said, your router may have a setting to not broadcast it's name. Not broadcasting a network name is another security measure... you can't hide the frequency however; wireless connections themselves cannot be hidden.

    FWIW; even Windows Wireless Devices Control Panel will detect other wireless connections in your hood. It is fascinating as to how many are not secured. :D :eek:
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    to use good wired router with SPI,MAC filters and stuff like that and ablity to send you logs from time to time.
    or wrap your wireless one into foil:)
  4. Thanks Osorico,

    How can I tell whether my router is broadcasting.

    You'll have to go through the router setup screens or manual to determine whether or not you have the option. It's just one of many router security measures to take.
  6. While I am on a roll here, another question if I may.

    Is there a device that allows me to safely switch from one hard drive to another or do I need to continue shut down first.

    many thanks
  7. Im not aware of anything like a KVM switch for HD. Maybe someone else knows? But it's no issue if you use...

    USB hard-drives, just plug and play as needed (dependent on OS used)
    hot-swap drive trays, server quality.

    Using swappable (ie removable) trays does not generally allow for hot-swaps. To some degree it's determined by the MB.

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    That's a good one :D

    this device called a mouse or you can do it , using TAB button on keyboard :)

    here is some more food -