Trend lines overrated?....

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  1. Are trend lines overrated? I'm not saying they don't work, but if you asked 5 traders to draw a trend line all of them will draw them different.. And usually the perfect trend lines are drawn after the trend is made.. I'm just saying..
  2. Ask 5 artists to paint with the same tool, a brush. Each will be a different approach but the tool was valuable.
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    I pissed on your volume post – so here’s an olive branch….

    I have tradable trend lines which have been in place since Mar 16, 2009

    They are as relative today – as when they were first drawn

    Draw the right ones – they’re money

    Draw the ones you want – they’re useless

  4. I think they are overrated, but I don't propose to speak for anyone other than myself.
  5. Yea but drawing lines and drawing pictures are way different.. Drawning trend lines should be the same as connecting the dots..
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    even better: volume trend lines ... :)
  7. +1. Sastisfried?
  8. LMHO!
  9. No rule is concrete in trading, but if used as a guide, there usefullness in identifying the path of least resistance is under rated. I'm talking about medium term time frame here. I used them to ride the market down in 08, up in 09, and I'm using them to ride the market down now. They've kept me long only two stocks, 1 coal and 1 bank(aus stocks).
  10. These jokes are awesome! I'll be able to hold my own next time I'm on the piss with the Father 'n' Law with these.:D
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