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  1. daytrading investment in downtrend, hedgefund investment in uptrend. with so many hedge funds starting nowadays, does anyone have an idea on what % are succeeding? looks like top daytraders moving into hedge fund area since last year.
  2. who are these top d-traders that moved up to the HF world?
  3. Hedge Funds are becoming the financial scam of the decade.

    I'm pretty sure that all of them make money through kickback agreements with their broker. At least, that's my experience with managed futures funds so far. I've worked for a company once (a start up hedge fund to be precise) that even optimized it's managed futures trading system towards generating steady commissions. Basically the same experience with a different company as well. Slow death.

    So, if you define success as the manager filling up his pockets, then the number should get pretty close to 100%.

    If you define success as the hedge fund making profits after commissions..... well:

    I've once read that from the hedge funds that were active 10 years ago, only ~10% still exist.
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    You have a great sense of humor.

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    read some disclosure docs...these guys spell it out in no uncertain terms.