Trend Funds Destroyed in 2012

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  1. Here are the final numbers for the "trend followers" for 2012. Looks like everyone guessed wrong. One more year like this, and its the final nail in the coffin of this outdated and senseless method.

    chesapeake -17.8
    dunn -18.6
    eckhardt +3.9
    hawksbill -13.6
    hyman beck -19.6
    millburn -5.3
    rabar -14.3
    sunrise -20.0
    transtrend +0.7

  2. Daring


    Not sure what the hell they been trading cause SPX and Dow been trading quite well for years.
  3. Trend following is old news.

    I hear Al Brooks Price Action is the latest craze.

    Maybe someone should send those guys a copy.....

  4. They trade huge diversified portfolios, making guesses on the direction of each component, then holding regardless of what happens. If they guess right, they win, guess wrong, they lose--- that's obvious by these losses--- Im shocked folks still invest with trend followers--- all it is buy/sell and hope regardless of what its proponents tell you, surf
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    This is an excellent book that I highly recommend...No, there are no secrets in it, but it's extremely well written and contains many nuggets of knowledge from a multitude of top traders. I enjoyed it more than the Market Wizard books. It earned a spot in my 10 all-time favorite trading books.

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  6. I stand behind that review. Mike's a great writer and the book is a good beach read. I enjoyed it very much as a history lesson. I never said you should follow the recommendations or invest in trend funds. In fact, I'm on record saying the opposite.
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    That is called the coin flip method, not trend following.

    So basicly you are saying, coin flippers can't follow the trend, and man, you are actually right....
  9. based on the drawdowns, that must be what they are doing. They rely on their huge sums and diversification to survive. surf
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