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Discussion in 'Trading' started by James1968, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. James1968


    Hey everyone.. I've been around here for a while, just never bothered posting anything. Anyways, long story short... made some money, lost a lot of it... and now looking into learning trends and trying to trade that way. Googled with trend following and came across this guy:

    Anyone know anything about him or his trend following techniques? He sells some pretty pricey courses and was not sure if they are good/bad

    Hoping someone can provide me with some insight into trend following and what to get to learn trends.

  2. ptrjon


    You don't hear a lot of third-party people tooting about the success they've had when paying for other people's investment lessons. It's usually the people selling the service, and that's it. I'd say invest $20 a year and sign up for Kiplinger's and SmartMoney on, do your own research, hang out here on ET, and read warren Buffet's letters to shareholders. At least that's my strategy.
  3. 1) Trend following "works" during trending markets. It falls apart during choppy markets.
    2) A lot of what Covel talks about makes "logical" sense. He would have more "credibility" if he were actually a trader and not just an author/speaker/writer/promoter/blogger/publisher et al. :cool: