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  1. caotrader


    Any one could give me some technical analysis that can capture or follow the trend?
  2. Check out the book section on TA on here thats a start.
  3. Price and Volume.

    - Spydertrader
  4. Boib


    Pick a moving average. Buy when it crosses above it and sell when it crosses below it.
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    C-Trader,good question;
    Actually an excellance place to start;
    50 day moving average,200 dma.

    I think William o Neil names a margin call or a 200 day moving average[price cross below] ''late sell signal''LOL

    Add wisdom & 10.000 hours study, may be helpful also;

    & for a trendy benchmark like SPY, add 2 colors/ volume.......
  6. kut2k2


    Buy when what crosses what?

    I realize the MA crossover is a losing strategy but you still have to give complete details if the OP is going to learn anything.

    P.S. to OP: MA crossovers are losers. :)
  7. caotrader


    yes, I have tested this, but I am using 1 min data, does that still work?

    Also, a simple question is, if it works, why there's still people losing money...
  8. mike007


    Just study this chart. ;)
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  9. Boib


    Sorry about that. When the price crosses and closes above the MA.

    So if it's a losing strategy just reverse it. Sell when the price crosses above it and buy when it crosses below it. :D

    Whatever you do have an exit strategy.
  10. <i>yes, I have tested this, but I am using 1 min data, does that still work? </i>

    If you're using 1 min data use charts that make quicker turns

    Try the default macd 26,12,9 and compare it with 13,6,5 it will reflect your 1 minute trends better. Also if you're trading something that quick learn everything you can about CCI and plot it with the macd's.

    CCI will signal better exits and save you a heartattack or three.

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