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Discussion in 'Events' started by Trend Following, Jun 22, 2011.

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  2. Lucias


    Covel, what is your definition of a trend?
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    Not disputing their past glory but I bet both those old timers wouldn't make it had they just started today.....

    Did you get to attend an ES tribe meeting with the polyamorous ladies? :eek:
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    Attend? Who do you think is sitting on the stage? ;-)
  5. fjpenney


    So much for keeping the usual nonsense out of this thread :(
  6. marketsurfer

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    Nice! Any audio or video of meeting?

    This looks interesting regarding Hite

    As of 2010, Hite partnered with International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) to create a multi-strategy platform of liquid hedge fund strategies as well as a fund of managed accounts.

    Looks like he may b diversifying away from the trend following of yore.

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    Video excerpts will follow...
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    Great, hopefully Seykota will perform the whipsaw song.
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    He did...see the pics on links I sent...
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    That room was filled with fund managers, CTAs, etc. I seriously doubt any of them left after 75+ minutes thinking Seykota and Hite were "old timers".
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