Trend Following Super Fund SLAMMED !!

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  1. EPrado


    That's the problem with VN. In his arrogance he believes that if a method can't be tested, it's no good.

    I guess he tested the hell outta selling puts and collecting premium . That worked out well for him.....twice blown out.
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  2. im not privy to VN's exact method the second time around, and niether are you.

    otherwise, i have no argument with what you say.

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  3. " the investment business is like craftsmanship and everyone is an apprentice first" Mark Yasko


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  4. If a system/method is consistently net profitable over time, then what else is there to prove? And if someone repeatedly blows up, then no amount of "science" will make it acceptable.
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  5. i disagree.

    first, what system or method can you point at that is profitable over time? for every trend follower who went long, another went long too late. for every one who went short before the crash, another went long. you can point at managers, but not consistently profitable systems or methods......

    remember, VN was the number one ranked manager for a number of years......

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  6. EPrado


    I'll take a wild guess. The stock market got clobbered. He lost everything selling puts.

    2nd time around:

    Market got clobbered. He lost everything ___________.

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to fill in the blank.

    At the end of the day he is a very very bright guy with a huge ego, who can't trade.
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  7. Didn't VN blew up a few times ?
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  8. EPrado


    2 horrendous blow ups where he lost all his clients money.

    Hasn't been back since.............
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  9. your forgetting all the money he made for himself and clients over the years....
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  10. Your post is so general that it is meaningless.

    As for your VN, he just floored his vehicle with no regard for the turns. Of course he'll make good time during the straightaway. And then he crashes and burns at the turns. Meanwhile, being the man of science that you are, you only regard his performance during the straightaways and not the entire run.
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