Trend Following Super Fund SLAMMED !!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by marketsurfer, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Series A06.30.20091,514.39-2.39%-21.63%-22.18%+2.84%+4.59%+51.44%** Fact Sheet
    Series B06.30.20091,753.71-3.52%-32.57%-32.38%+2.21%+5.85%+75.37%** Fact Sheet

    Series A06.30.2009904.47-6.18%-1.63%N/AN/AN/A-1.63%*** N/A
    Series B06.30.2009837.01-6.36%-8.97%N/AN/AN/A-8.97%*** N/A

    Down 20 plus % this year. so much for the common man hedge fund
  2. Surdo


    I guess the +46.56% for 2008 does not factor in?

    I was on the "B shares" rollercoaster for 2 years and redeemed my shares for a tidy 40% profit after some nice drawdowns.

    These funds are not short term investments Smurf, or meant for your IRA!
  3. a couple of MA would have saved the fund from the crash
  4. they're using the ema cross for their trend-following systems but i guess they didnt realize curve fitting only works in hindsight.
  5. Daal


    We get it, you dont think TF works
  6. the1


    A 20% drawdown for a hedge fund is just another day. It's comical how ET pounds on highly successful people when they get into a rut. I imagine the guy who operates this fund has wads of cash falling out of his pockets. You guys act like a 20% DD is a permanent thing. Instead of criticizing this fund you should realize that <b>now is the time to invest in it.</b> Why is it that people will cheer and rave about how well a guy is doing when the equity curve is heading north and boo and hiss when it's heading south? You should be doing the exact opposite.

    Wake up ET -- realize investors/traders chase the market in both directions. If you want to win you need to do the exact opposite.
  7. the1


    Do a quick search on Warren Buffett when the market was crashing or when he sunk $5B into GS. He doesn't look so stupid now, does he?
  8. LOL :D Yea, moving averages are the holy grail LOL :p
  9. Present the whole picture, marketsurf. Snapshots do not count !

    Although Superfund might have some performance problems, they still have an impressive track record. Show me a mainstream futures fund surviving over 13 years !
  10. EPrado


    I thought you closed up shop after your disasterous GS call ? Nice job stepping inf front of that steamroller.

    You and VN are a lot alike when it comes to trading. Both like to blowout with no gameplan.
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