Trend Following "SUPER FUND" down

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  1. super fund down on the year:

    Series A03.31.20091,894.62 -2.33 %-1.95 %

    Series B03.31.20092,526.24-4.49 %-2.87 %
  2. asap


    any serious professional knows that "trend following" is a not viable strategy in the long run because trends only exist in hindsight.

    on the other hand, any so-called trend following system, would have to perform well in the present due to the impressive swings in the market.

    now, it appears not only the fund is based on a false premise but rather it also fails miserably exploiting it when the conditions are favorable to do so.

  3. But they do exist, and if they exist then they can be traded.
  4. AGREED.

    It's best to buy support / sell resistance & keep some "runners." If a "trend" develops...all the better! =)

  5. I never heard of this strategy, is this new...:D

  6. buying lows and selling highs is how fortunes are made.

  7. And it's also a quick way to the poor house if you don't know what you are doing....
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    For 2008 Series B: Jan... -3.61%
    Feb... +24.60%
    Mar... +1.95%
    Apr... -1.20%
    May... +7.33&
    June... +12.54%
    July... -15.00%
    Aug... -7.28%
    Sep... +0.46%
    Oct... +20.14%
    Nov... +2.78%
    Dec... +2.60%
    Annual for 2008 ... +46.56%
    Only first quarter of 2009 Marketsurfer, game not over. :)
    If last year you only look at 3rd quarter, it is a loss.

  9. so is "trend following".

  10. you must be joking!!! Pretty much ALL the funds that have a track record of 10+ years and which beat pretty much every hedge fund on this planet in terms of returns per risk unit are TREND FOLLOWING vehicles. Show me a hedge fund that made 60-70% returns per annum over 10 years+ other than through trend following. I show you at least a dozen trend following funds.

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