Trend Following Software

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  1. Trade the “Trend Following” way by using our products to analyze the market, making the right moves at the right time.

    Fully Automated Trading Systems let our programs work for you. Our patented algorithms work while you sleep.

    Cut losses quickly based on previous experience and extensive, automated research.

    Let winning trades run, maximizing your potential return without falling victim to greed.

    No opinions or egos, just results based on price action and trend following algorithms.

    No emotions of fear or greed. Every trader knows how high emotions run when the market fluctuates. Trust our complete line of products to take the emotion out of your investing.

    Take a Vacation. Feel safe taking a vacation or business trip away from home or the office while your automated trading systems are running. Just login to see and manage your trades from anywhere in the world.

    No crazy hours awake trading. Every Forex trader knows that having the benefit for this 24 hour market can be brutal on your schedule. You can sleep soundly knowing that our complete line of products is in control.

    No favorite stocks, ETFs or forex pairs just maximum profit based on our patented algorithms.

    Ease of Use. Manage one or all our automated trading systems with hundreds of open trades automatically from one screen, taking only a few minutes per day.

    Follow the Money with our automated trading systems. Our systems are designed and tested to follow money flow by institutions, hedge funds and big investors. As they rotate from sectors and markets we can spot the price action and follow them closely, giving us a major advantage by piggybacking on their moves.
    ...all giving you more time to do what you love. Give our automated trading systems a try today, and experience all of these benefits firsthand.

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