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    I have been looking at various software packages and even sat in trading rooms where gurus are trying to sell their trading method. I am very surprised to find that all of them seem to be counter trend traders. I know trend is in the eye of the trader, but I keep it simple. I have 9min chart with a 34 ema on it. If price bars are closing above the 34 ema then market is in an UT, opposite for DT. There are days where price and the 34 ema will move up all day, today 10/29 is a good example. Oh almost forgot, trading the emini S&P and NQ. Bring up the above chart and I think all traders will agree 10/29 was an up trending day. Interesting yesterday, 10/28 was the exact opposite, it was a DT day all day. I am looking for a software package or service that gives signals going with the trend, not against it. Sure there are pullbacks against trend, but to me the best and safest trades are the ones going with the current trend. I also understand that there are days where the trend changes 2-4 times during the day. But, my experience has been that the 9min trend remains intact for hours at a time most often. Can anyone tell me about a software signal pkg or trading room service that is trend following. Again, I have been in a few rooms and I compare the trading calls vs my 9min chart and so often they are going against what I call the 9minute trend and they usually pay the price and then comes the excuses. I have also looked at off the shelf trading software signal packages and again see so many signals trying to pick the top or bottom against the trend. I am asking for help because so far I have not been able to find anything that fits what I have developed as my trading personality. Thank you for any help or advice you can pass my way.

    I guess I am trying to ask the group to save me time by pointing me in the right direction of some software products, gurus, or free trend trading method described somewhere on the internet. As I stated above, in the past year it seems that all I ever run into are counter trend methods. I also understand that there is no holly grail, a trend trading system gets killed during choppy times just like a counter trend method gets killed on a strong trending day. I simply would like to experience a trend trading method to compare it against all the counter trend methods I have seen.

  2. Hi,

    Would a $20-30 expenditure sit alright with you or do you insist on free?

    If the former, then check out Golden Gate Univ., San Fran's Finance dept.'s Charles Bassetti's ebook called Stairstops, a pretty good trend following method on the Daily timeframe. He is the author of the TA bible, TAST9 and a prof. of Finance at said Uni. Sorry, no realtime usage was mentioned when I bought.

    If you buy the book TAST9, you get 6 months free subs. to his website so you can see how he trend follows.

    You can decide for yourself if he is a good enough guru.

    hope this helps you :)
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    What you are trying to do is simple.
    Just type in robotic trading in google and you'll see software that does it, and doesn't even require programming skills.