Trend Following: How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets

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  1. Don't buy the book... browse his website instead! I'm no big fan of the "preacher" Michael Covel but his site contains a lot of good material, after you've sorted through the usual marketing fluff... personally I haven't read the book and I'm not going to but they've told me 90 % of the things in the book are taken straight from the site.
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  2. ivob


    This book is a big piece of crap.

    Nothing to learn about. It just keeps on talking about trend following how good it is. Lot's of statistics not about trading but about how much money other people made following trends. It's just defending trend following all the time but never explains how to define a trend etc.

    I'll give you money if you let it send me to you :)

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  3. hello,
    Why dont u read my book its free here . All about stock
    markets and trading .
    Comments on the same would be appreciated .
    I am a market player for about a year and half now.

    ~~ N !!
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  4. hello,
    The basics are very simple for the trend following principle ,

    ~~~~ The trend is your friend until it starts to bend at the end .

    so said a trader ******

    so what every one knows that so ???? well the problem arises

    when u still hang on and say fine but

    ~~~~ This time its different , and these are the four words that are the biggest mistake in ones life .
    So big that u can not only loose your shirt but also your
    wife and with it your life .

    ~~~~ N !!
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  5. alesanti


    Ivo, this is a good comment. Identifiying a trend *before* it happens or *before* it ends, is what I would expect from such a book. If it is not able to explain that, it is worthless.
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  6. not bad, natasha. you have talent.

    lots of exciting things happening in the markets of india!

    best wishes to you,

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  7. Really?
    Do you have any evidence?

    Apart from Amazon, where should I watch users' comments or reviews? Any recommendations?
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  8. pruggera


    I put a negative review about his book on amazon a year ago. Now it's gone.
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  9. ak15


    MMs decide when a trend begins and ends along with a lot of other things. Plain and simple. There could be a strong trend in a particular direction and the moment you make an entry it will turn around and trend in the opposite direction. MMs can identify a retail entry and exit. This is not limited to daytrading but also to swing trading. The odds are heavily skewed against the retail trader and hence no surprise about the failure rate of 95% or thereabouts. In essence MMs rule. Forget about earnings, analyst ratings, product announcements and the list goes on. MMs are hell bent on working against the retail trader. These are just my views after closely observing the markets for a lengthy period of time. I know there will be numerous divergent views and I am comfortable with that. Healthy debate is informative and everybody benefits. However I will not argue with anybody on this board.
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  10. I had put negative review about it and also on many other trading books all disappeared within few days.

    I complained to Amazon they say ' if the publisher or author objects, a review will be pulled.' If you say anything about the author it is pulled by Amazon because they say you made a slur on the character of the author'

    Also if lot of people say your review was not helpful then it is removed. So obviously it is used by authors or publishers to complain.

    Amazon allows authors/publishers to edit/delete reviews. The reviews at Amazon are sham.
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