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  1. MACD is a very useful tool

    usually I use it to detect the trend

    it is not sensitive to the trend but it is more reliable
  2. inet


    What is your timeframe and parameters?
  3. usually I use one minute chart

    and parameter is (12,26,9)


    2/3 min MACD, same settings, DAX 1/2 hour prior to market open.
  5. Please disregard if not relevant, but some may find educational value in a recently taped, short video on the topic of MACD:

    Also, on the subject of TA, any comments on the following studies, or which study you'd be interested in learning more about?

    * Fib (retracement, extension, time and/or circle)
    * Regression Trend Channels
    * Pitchfork
    * Auto Trend Channels
    * Bollinger Bands
    * Donchian Channels
    * Moving Avg
    * Parabolic
    * Pivots
    * ADX/DMI
    * CCI
    * On Balance Vol
    * Open Interest
    * Oscillator
    * RSI
    * Time Clusters
    * Money Flow Index

    QuoteTrader provides all these studies, free, so input would be much appreciated!


    Video Playlist
  6. maaan. the MACD video is the worst thing i have ever seen about the MACD!

    All noobs... DO NOT WATCH! Get Appel's Book if you need to know more about the tool.
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    can you 'freeze' the current channel so that it became a fix channel then it also auto start another channel.
  8. I have learned some techniques about MACD

    but I prefer to use MacdAvg to determine the trend

    if MacdAvg>0 then trend is bull

    else trend is bear

    I find it is reliable
  9. inet


    What is MacdAvg? Do you mean signal line in MACD?
  10. Hi Nkhoi,

    Thank you for your post.
    Yes, you can achieve that result by first applying the Auto Trend Channel, then overlaying a Regression Trend Channel on it.
    As your broker's data updates QuoteTrader's free charts and studies, the ATC will update, but the RTC will remain static.
    Please let me know if you'd like a demonstration or have any other questions :)

    Incidentally, for those who are interested in learning more about QuoteTrader's free trading and charting features, which brokers' data it uses, or how it might complement your existing set of trading and decision support tools, Quotetrader's weekly webinar is today, Monday June 25th, at 1:30pm pt, 4:30 et.
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