Tremendous Prediction Trainwrecks (Sarcasm needed)

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  1. Ghostdog


    This one is great by Schaeffer's Investment Research Inc.

    AK Steel Summary
    * 174 percent gain to $69.19 in May of 2008 (Like 174% gain isnt enough)
    * After all those moves, surely it's too late for investors to join the party, right?
    * All others are saying to get out
    * Not so fast says Schaeffer
    *That's music to Schaeffer's ears . It's noted for its contrarian viewpoint. LOL (though not in the huge bear market drop... LOL)
    *It's a bullish ranking they say...
    Long story short.. AKS started its way to just under $6.00 share just days after their bullish call. You couldnt have called it worse. LOL;range=2y

    Please post these trainwrecks