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    The treehouse you see called "the Bug's Nest" has a lookout tower disguised as a chimney that reaches 37 feet into the forest canopy. And yes that is a basset hound coming down the stairs that frequents the treehouse often.

    Total customization available, and the options are limited only by the imagination. Options can include electricity, plumbing, and even heating and cooling.

    Willing to travel to remote locations.


    The grandkids or even neighborhood kids will love "roughing it" and camping out in their new extreme wilderness suite.


    Construction is streamlined for maximum strength and efficiency. Strong enough to easily entertain 6 or more adults.


    The lookout chimney provides two seats at the top in which spectators can enjoy just watching or even hand feeding the birds (yes that's right, I'll give you tips on how to have them eating from your hand in just a few weeks).


    This particular treehouse has a shark for a ridge that stretches over 18 feet through the entire structure. This may possibly be the world's longest "ridge shark" :)


    It's time to get back to nature- even if it's right outside in your yard.


    Rest assured knowing your children or grandchildren will be secure in their new treehouse, as quality and safety is our first priority.


    Send me a PM if you are interested in having the treehouse of your dreams installed on your property.

    Please be patient and I will respond asap.

    Thanks for looking, and please feel free to comment.

  2. The bank want to repossess my tree-house. They say I haven't kept up my mortgage payments but I'm convinced it's just a mix-up from when I moved branches.:cool:
  3. Trapper


  4. Did you get this resolved or is it still up in the air?

  5. Ha! Wood you believe my esgrow payments have actually climbed higher?:cool:
  6. The "Ridge Shark" is very cool; you have talent. I think it would be cheaper to build from scratch.
  7. Wife may throw me out.... can I rent it by the month? :p
  8. What's the base price on one of those? Can a Bloomberg be installed?

  9. Thanks. What started out as a hobby, and now after completing multiple projects for summer camps, it has moved more into the addiction realm.
    I'm currently designing one that overhangs the water. It will have a woodstove, a mini fridge and fishing gear. The owner's wife fears her husband may move into it :)
  10. You should float this on kickstarter then franchise-- raising $ should be no issue--- the first billionaire from treehouses! love it...
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