Treasury needs record $361B April-June borrowing

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  1. Thats more then Bush ever spent. Change you can believe in.

    "WASHINGTON – The Treasury Department said Monday it will need to borrow $361 billion in the current April-June quarter, a record amount for that period.

    It's the third straight quarter the government's borrowing needs have set records for those periods."
  2. US has lost all fiscal responsibility/discipline.

    The only foreigners who might still want to pour money down the drain might be those with a 'vested' interest like the Chinese (in order to keep their economy running along).

    Otherwise, it's money down a black hole.

    This 'democracy' ain't workin' right now. Stupid congress doing stupid shit to get votes from fools on food stamps, drinking budweiser and watching dancin' with the stars. And if they're not doing that then they're spending money on imported garbage they don't need with money they don't have.

    Time's a runnin' out folks....
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    That pretty well sums it up I guess. My only hope is that the American electorate has been pushed to their breaking point and people will wake up and find this unacceptable (both parties are to blame).
  4. I no longer have much faith in the electorate. American society shows no nerve. They're controlled by the media. Look how many protests there are nowadays? The population is all-conforming as never before.

    At least the Europeans protest like hell and demand some action.

    Americans seem to be happy on their couch 'till the tv goes off or their gov check stops coming.

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    Send the bill to JPM, they claim to have all the money in the world
  6. The media reaction to the Teabag protests is case in point. Almost universally the media portrayed the protesters as greedy, unhinged losers.

    The biggest danger to freedom in America isn't government but the leftest, Big Brother supporting media. The government is able to suck and get away with it because they're abetted by the socialist "watchdogs" from the Fourth Estate.

    Here are a few examples.

    How many times did we read about Bush "bankrupting the country in Iraq while doing nothing to help NOLA after Katrina." To this day we hear it.

    Hence few know that the Katrina bailout cost about the same as one year in Iraq. Or that AIG cost about one year in Iraq. Or that Exxon pays about 45% of profits in U.S. taxes.

    Now I'm not defending the expense of war in Iraq BUT the populist coverage vs. the truth was startling. Notice how the media had a field day with, "Bush's war we went it alone." Yet when Obama meets in Europe with NATO and they essentially say "take your war in Afghanistan and shove it" the U.S. media instead says "America finally has a President Europe loves."

    Of course Europe loves Obama. Anyone who weakens American influence is to be lionized by the jealous of America Euro-Left.
    They shot down both stimulus and troops and he apologized for our previous evil ways. Reminds me of the old saying, "if you spit in his face he'd tell you it's raining." Yet not a peep from the obedient left media.

  7. there is a intellectual segregation of society going on... with some basis in racial ethnic background.

    the elite dont really care much for the majority which they love keeping in the dark and hypnotized with dancing ball of the media and distractions.

    this majority is the consumer engine created to benefit the producers and the elitist middlemen.