Treasury could have $270 billion loss from Plunge Protection Team support activities.

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  1. Gee, about 4 times that and we'll be at a trillion.

    In the 1929 crash, you also find attempts (some by individuals) to support the market.
  2. Link?
  3. Link to proof?
  4. Why not go for a cool trillion, while you're at it?
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    proof? proof?

    who needs proof when a bunch of people on the internet say so
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    In this particular case I highly doubt this is true. So far this only qualifies as a market correction. The markets haven't fallen enough yet for the PPT to get involved. A Greek collapse may be an event that would require them to get involved and I suspect they have the ability to assemble many banks to support whatever actions they need to take and have the ability to either hedge or exit their position w/o taking on too much exposure or risking such a loss the OP stated.
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