Treasury Bonds versus Stock Dividends

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  1. Trading bonds seems too complicated, and getting data and info is not easy.
    Are dividend paying stocks of listed companies not a better alternative to bonds?
    Additional advantage of stocks with dividends is that it usually also has options as an additional booster.
    And stock data and options data is easily found than bond data.
    So, are stocks with dividends not better suited for fixed income than bonds?
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    Dividend payouts can be cut at the whim of the payer. The stock may decline and you lose far more in capital losses than you earned from divs. Bond coupons are guaranteed by contract, as is the repayment of principal, and if the company defaults in a worst-case scenario you get to seize assets to recoup your investment.
  3. treasury bonds are hard ?
    really ?

    I must be wrong about everything then .
  4. %%
    WELL, sure has been better this year with XOM, CVX.....; but that's somewhat unusual in a bear market.
    But the selling point in bonds , if you factor inflation\ bonds tend to lose less than dividend stocks\LOL but true.[many years of data]
    Me i like ETFs, inverse ETFs + some local bank savings; even though some could make a bit more with bonds or make more with inverse bonds ETFs