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  1. Shagi


    Central banks are playing havoc in al markets, nothing works in these situations unless one uses volatility plays only. Today China’s decision to hike interest rates for the first time in almost three years boosts dollar and sends commodities tumbling big time.Argghhh!!!
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    And Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner misguides the public by saying the U.S. will work to preserve confidence in a strong currency and won’t pursue a strategy of devaluation. Yet he knows a week dollar is what the FED is actively pursiung to boost the US economy. Both the US and China are the biggest currency manipulators, so much for free market forces.

  3. Declining grain prices should PRECEDE decling farmland prices. Overproduction should precede the lower prices, which may possibly never occur given world population growth and demand for "fatter" diets. :cool:
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    Agree completely, higher land prices are a function of higher grain prices. For land prices to return to levels 10 years ago, would have to see a collapse of grain prices, not likely given overwhelming demand. Interesting article but not a compelling scenario.

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