Trayvon Martins parents are millionaires now

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    Amazing! The insurer(s) paid up that sum of $$$ simple because of race. This says so much about what pc has done to this Country.:(

    If it had been a white kid beating the night watchman within an inch of his life, they'd say screw you, we'll give you either $10,000 to go away, or we'll see you in court.:mad:
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    It said they still plan to sue Zimmerman. Zimmerman should counter sue for pain and suffering caused by their scum spawn.
  3. Actually the article makes it clear that the Martin parents refused to settle for a mere $1 Million and demanded more.

    "During an interview in February, Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, said Trayvon's parents had tried to settle through mediation and the association or its insurer had offered $1 million, but Trayvon's parents had rejected that amount."
  4. Probably under pressure from Obama.

    I see no reason why the Homeowner's Association should have to pay them, it has nothing to do with the affair at all.
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    I think the HOA's insurance company, Travelers, didn't want to look like they were against black people. That seems like a lot of money just to show you're not racist.

    Black people have America on it's knees.
  6. I work with home owners insurance almost everyday. State Farm, Travelers, USAA and some others are excellent about paying and giving the insured the benefit of the doubt on claims. So I guess it extends to the liability section of the policy also. There are companies who are not as good to deal with that I won't mention. The insurance companies aren't stupid, they spend millions of dollars to build trust and name recognition and paying a claim early that they probably would have to pay anyway would make good sense. It would probably be a good decision even if they thought they could get out of paying the claim. What did it cost them about what a 30 second ad would cost in prime time, cheap advertising.
  7. You speak the truth here. It is far cheaper to settle these type of high media visibility claims quickly and maintain a positive public image.
  8. I've seen Travelers pay out on some large property claims when they probably shouldn't have and there was no publicity involved in those. I think they are a good company to deal with. You pay your premiums and they aren't going to screw with you when it comes to paying claims.
  9. I don't agree at all. It sends a message that they are easy marks. I wouldn't want them as my insurer. They folded like a cheap lawn chair on a claim that was beyond dubious. It was like paying extortion to Al Sharpton. What possible liablility claim existed? That Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer? My understanding was they he was going to the store and happened to see trayvon skulking around.

    The end result will be that any HOA with a watch program will now pay higher insurance rates, probably significantly higher.

    Unfortunately, corporate leaders are frozen with fear at running afoul of the PC police. They hire PR advisors, etc who all tell them to avoid controversy at all costs, even if it means betraying their principles and selling out their shareholders and customers.
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