Trayvon Martin supporters ransack walgreens

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  1. This is why some particular groups of people get no respect. There is a right way and wrong way to protest. If you protest in the right way to change something that you perceive as an injustice then you gather mainstream support. Protesting in the wrong way simply makes your cause look like a bunch of hoodlums (e.g. Occupy).
  2. A very small number of assholes are taking advantage of the situation but 99 % of the people supporting the Martin cause are protesting PEACEFULLY around the country

    Those dumb ass fools from the black panthers do not represent the majority of Martin supporters either
  3. maybe will turn into like the London RIOTS, some black dude got killed there too right?
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    I love the smell of dead looters in the the morning, it smells like...victory.
  5. You posted yesterday that 73% of americans support Martin. There are 310 million americans so that means 226 million americans support Martin. If only 1% of them are not protesting peacefully, thats 2.26 Million hooligans. To put in perspective, China has an army of 2.28 million people and they are the largest in the world.

    Any questions?
  6. My mistake,99.99999 % are protesting peacefully
  7. I have yet to hear any of those who claim to be so upset by the injustice criticize the Black Panthers, from obama on down. I know the media will be throwing rose petals at obama for his handling of this, but in my mind he has been beyond despicable. He tried to exploit a local case he knew nothing about, purely because of race.

    The whole idea of protesting something like this is ridiculous. Will protesting change the facts? Are prosecutorial decisions now to be made on the basis of who can turn out the biggest mob? These racists who are running around braying for Zimmerman's head have no idea what the facts are, nor do they give a crap. It is totally racial to them. They are no different from a lynch mob and should be denounced by our "leaders." Instead we have even republican presidential candidates kowtowing to them.
  8. Will it change the facts of this case ? No.It is about Justice for Martin but other issues as well.Its about racial profiling,its about not being able to claim self defense when you provoke a confrontation,its about improving the way this type of situation is handled by police departments nationwide when this type of situation happens in the future,its about neighborhood watch groups nationwide having a policy of observe and report and not confrontation etc
  9. I did.Martins family has never invited them to be by their side.Many feel its best to ignore them and not give them the publicity they seek
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