Trayvon Martin Star Witness Caught in her own LIE!

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  1. pspr


    LOL Well, you got one thing right. Your attitude is one of the reasons the U.S. is going to hell in a hand basket. No rational thought from the public or our representatives.

    If one of my family or friends is beating someone to near death, I hope they get stopped even if by deadly force. Where is your common sense? It's liberal idiots like yourself who are in America that are making Americas streets unsafe.

    And, you even admit that you are mouthing off on something you know nothing about. You should stay in Canada. Maybe you'll run into someone on a bus who just cuts your head off with a knife while others watch because there is no one around with a gun to save your life.

    Stupidity must run rampant north of the border. People like you turn my stomach.
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  2. Nine_Ender


    I'm just a little frustrated with the political and ethnic polarized stuff that seems to dominate this section, including a definate undercurrent of racism at times.

    I suppose Americans killing each other is a topic far beyond what I could ever make a dent in. I guess I did read a brief story about this case in the paper this morning, which sounded pretty bad for Zimmerman. Don't watch American news so maybe I'm not up to speed.
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  3. Nine_Ender


    Crime rates in Canada are absolutely dwarfed by American rates.
    Are you claiming that Americans are just way more prone to violence then Canadians, or could it be that guns encourage or facilitate crime ?

    I don't expect you to understand this. It's like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking. America hasn't hit rock bottom yet on its gun culture, but we keep thinking its getting close.
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  4. We'd tell you the answer, but you'd label it "racist".
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  5. He's a Canadian, and like his counterparts (Rectum and brASS), he's a complete leftist loon.
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  6. Are you going to threaten to sue the owner of this site again? and then, if your little tantrum doesn't work, demand that all of your posts be deleted?
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  7. Nine_Ender


    Seriously now, check the data. Canada has far less crime then the US. Its not even close. Prorate it by population, doesn't matter.
    You can live in denial but the stats don't lie. Here's an example
    I just whipped up :

    Murders - Memphis 157 ( 2012 ) population 652K ( 2011 )
    Chicago 500+ ( 2012 ) 2.7M
    Toronto 54 ( 2012 ) 2.8M

    So what are we to interpret from this ? Are citizens of Memphis
    or Chicago just more inherently criminal or evil ? Seems doubtful, might be some factor but not the big reason. Race relations, can't possibly be that bad this is 2013.

    Main reason in my opinion is the preponderance of weapons and how US citizens perceive their role in society. Its not rocket science to know that the minute firearms are in a home the chances of getting shot go up significantly for its occupants.

    Oh, I'm sure you can find news stories about all 54 murders in Toronto.
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  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Remove black and hispanics from the US data, and the murder statistics begin to resemble Canada's (taking into account population difference, of course).
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  9. Ricter


    That's because you're then comparing similar socioeconomic status. Young men from wealthier backgrounds get jobs, real jobs, and a sense of future, first.
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  10. Nine_Ender and his comrade, Ricter, "can't" accept that answer because it brings race into the discussion.
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