Trayvon Martin Star Witness Caught in her own LIE!

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  1. Lucrum


    Killing another in what appears to be self defense, idiot.
    Given that he shouldn't even be on trial to begin with, THAT makes it about politics.
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  2. Nine_Ender


    On what information are you basing this claim that the young man was a "POS" ? Better be damn good, or you are a slandering a dead man who was barely into his life.

    God help your society if "he punched me so I shot him dead" is supposably a defence. And that scenario is about the best the guy could try. If you think arming every citizen and its shoot first ask questions later well its a pretty sure thing that almost everyone will have a loved one or friend killed at some point in their lifetime.
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  3. Nine_Ender


    Obviously, you are not a rational person. You make killing someone sound like a spat at an argument at a school, and somebody has to be suspended for a day or two. Earth to Lucrum, the kid is dead.
    Regardless of the details, a trial must occur.
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  4. pspr


    I see you have lead a sheltered life. In the real world, sometimes people get attacked by other people and they have the right to defend themselves with deadly force if necessary.
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  5. Lucrum


    Earth to Rear_Ender, no trial is necessary in justifiable homicide cases.
    This trial is ALL about race hustlers demanding whitey pay.
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  6. Lucrum


    Have you not seen the videos and tweets? Or have you conveniently ignored them?

    You bleeding heart types crack me up at your rationalizations. Trayvon did FAR more than just punch the shooter.
    Again with the silly even ridiculous assertions. No one is arguing "shoot first". The shooter was viciously attacked. THEN he fired.
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  7. You must have returned to Earth a week or so ago yourself. Di dyou miss the part where the police who investigated the case didn't charge Zimmerman? Did you miss the orchestrated demonstrations/riots by every race hustler in the country? Did you miss the Florida governor wilting under the pressure and sending in a special prosecutor with implicit orders to indict Zimmerman, no matter what the evidence showed?

    What happened here is that the state decided to sacrifice Zimmerman for the sake of maintaining racial peace. They probably figured after a few months, things would cool off and maybe Zimmerman would get off, so no harm done, except for ruining his life.

    You sound like a Brit, which probably accounts for your attitude. In this country you are entitled to use deadly force when defending yourself in circumstances where you reasonably fear great bodily harm or death. Having a young punk on top of you beating your head into concrete with his fists is certainly a situation that any reasonable person would say qualifies. Every single bit of real evidence that has come out has supported Zimmerman's account. This is a political trial, pure and simple.

    Unfortuantely I suppose, the responsible people in this ocuntry donot riot and go bonkers everytime something annoys them, so we constantly get the short end of the stick. I'm about fed up with that, and so are plent yofothers.
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  8. Nine_Ender


    This attitude is a good example of why the US is going to hell. No wonder your schools get shot up, theatres aren't safe, and kids get shot by neighborhood watch. The idea that every day citizens need to protect themselves with guns, shooting to kill, is absurd. But this absurdity is an unfortunate part of today's America it seems.

    If someone in your family or a close friend gets shot and dies, please remember it was your choice to promote a violent society with trigger happy citizens packing lead on your streets.

    And yes, I'm not close to the case at all, and have no reason to follow it closely. It doesn't even make news in Canada. Remember, Zimmerman never could have legally carried that gun in Canada. We have different societal norms, he would have been in court on charges regardless of who did what to whom.
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  9. Lucrum

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  10. Eight


    Then why all the overblown opinionating if you admittedly know nothing about it?
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