Trayvon Martin Star Witness Caught in her own LIE!

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  1. pspr


    Nice people and honest people don't win political contests. Just ask Mitt Romney.
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  2. It isn't. We don't decide the issues, we elect representatives to, therefore we are not a 'pure' democracy, but a republic. And the offices we elect them to serve in are limited in authority, by law. My point was you aren't going to get what you want simply because your guy got elected, which is what you implied by telling me I was correct in theory (that we are a Constitutional Republic) but not reality.
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  3. LEAPup


    AAA is wasting his talent. He needs to run for office, no question! Bet he'd get votes now vs then.
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  4. pspr


    He lives somewhere around D.C. Maybe he is in politics or journalism. We could be conversing with a U.S. Senator and never know it.
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  6. LEAPup


    I thought he was in Texas. Anyhow, he's one of us who really needs to be in politics making MEANINGFUL change.
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  7. LOL, afraid not.
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  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Lots of good people would be in politics if it didn't mean opening their life's book up to the mercy of the media and the world, and throwing their family into hell.
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  9. Correctamundo! RE the "Faux Tea Party Reps" who ran on Tea Party principles in 2010, only to turn tail and cave/succumb to peer pressure and greed... letting down everyone who voted for them... for their own personal greed, of course. All of those assholes DESERVE TO BE TARRED AND FEATHERED.. THEN RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL for their deception/weakness of character.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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