Trayvon Martin Star Witness Caught in her own LIE!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Lucrum


    No, the fat dumb bitch was the intellectual of that relationship.
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  2. Mnnnn.... let's recap how this works... spend years in college..go in debt...get a masters degree in teaching and she is your star pupil in class.
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  3. Ricter


    He did that to himself.
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  4. gwb-trading


    Your assertion that Zimmerman banged his own head on the ground until his skull bled, and broke & bloodied his own nose is absurd.
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  5. gwb-trading


    I have been working a lot of hours recently; this is the first live clip I have seen of this witness. I have to agree with many others in saying that this has got to be one of the least credible and incoherent witnesses ever placed on the stand. She is really not going to help the prosecution's case.
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  6. pspr


    Soon you won't be able to type if you continue to get more stupid every day, Rectum.
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  7. pspr


    All one has to do is answer the questions truthfully. Of course, if you're telling lies it can become a trying ordeal to keep your story straight.

    And, Zimmerman won't be taking the stand, moron.
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  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thats what i find so funny about this case, in order to believe the lefts version of events in this case, you really have to believe zimmerman is the most devious criminal in history.

    According to them, he called the cops, right before he was going to shoot what he viewed as a N****r, then he was smart enough to break his own nose, and bash his own head in, and he was also smart enough to claim that he was yelling help, because he knew someone might have recorded it.

    You really have to throw logic to the wind, in order to buy what they are selling.
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  9. All true and completely irrelevant. The MSM has decided Z is guilty. Black leadership and the black community in general has decided Z is guilty. Facts don't matter. All they know is Z shot little Trey, and that is true. Had Trey shot Z under the exact same circumstances, it would be obvious self defense. Z shoots Trey, it's murder, obviously. Race Baiting Inc., 101.
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  10. pspr


    The State's next witness just testified that Zimmerman was on the bottom of the fight and was the one yelling for help.

    They might as well just dismiss this case and save the prosecutor and the State of Florida further embarrassment and humiliation.
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