Trayvon Martin Incident: Facts vs. Distortion

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    FACT: Zimmer man called the cops, and when he called them, they told him not to pursue Trayvon but to stay in his car

    I would have thought that this would be the point that the media would be hammering hard, because in my opinion this is precisely the reason why this case warrants some kind of criminal charges. Zimmerman had no logical reason to pursue the guy, no ones life was in danger, and had he stayed in the car this whole thing would not have happened.

    There is a reason dispatchers tell people not to pursue criminals, and its because no ones life is worth some stolen property, some states are even starting to train police not to pursue cars that run if there is no reason to suspect a felony/violent crime occured.

    FACT: Witnesses have claimed that they saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman, beating him up,

    This would seem to be backed up given the fact that there is video evidence showing that Zimmerman did actually have a laceration on the back of his head and cops have claimed that they had to clean up both his nose and the back of his head. Witnesses have also said that Zimmerman was screaming for help.

    Ironically the media is trying to distort this issue making the ridiculous claim that a grainy police video doesn’t show him beaten up. When the video does in fact show that the back of his head had a cut on it. Not sure what they are expecting Zimmerman to look like an hour after he got into a fight. They are claiming that you cant see his nose was broken, and the main reason you cant see that is because there is simply no way to tell based on the video. The claim in the media is he seems to be walking fine so he didn’t get in a fight, A half an hour after a pro boxer gets knocked out, they can walk just fine, so im not sure what the media is looking for.

    FACT: Zimmerman appeared to be some kind of overzealous neighbor hood watchman based on the fact that he made 40 calls to the police over the course of a couple months, and when he talks about “people always getting away” it gives the prosecutor motive as to why he chased him down and shot him.
    Here is the one that the media took and ran with, and what has caused all of these riots. The media tried to paint Zimmerman as some kind of racist WHITE hill billy who saw a black kid, and that was the only reason he went after him. There is a number of reasons why this idea being painted in the media is ridiculous.

    1. First and foremost, Zimmerman isn’t even a fully white, he is Hispanic, so the whole idea is absurd.

    2.He had mentored black kids through his church.

    3. The only friend who has the balls to stick up for him, against the lynch mob is a black man, whose convictions about Zimmerman are so good, that he was willing to make himself a target in order to defend his friend.

    4. He had made multiple calls to the police where he was suspicious of other people so it wasnt only Trayvon.

    FACT: Police wanted to charge Zimmerman the night of the incident but the D.A. did not want to.

    The liberal media is now trying to make the ridiculous claim that the cops somehow tainted all the evidence, and strong armed people into making Zimmerman look innocent, this is happening at the same time they try to add credibility to their story saying that the cop wanted to charge him originally and therefore he is guilty. Does that even make any sense if the cops originally wanted to charge Zimmerman? Why would they try to build a case against themselves? There is no doubt that the cops in this case are guilty of being totally incompetent in some ways, like not calling trayvons mother when they had the cell, and not testing zimmerman for alcohol, but it is ludicrous to say that they intentionally lied about the case when it would have ended up screwing them over if he had been charged.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.


    Distortion: Zimmerman weighed 100 pounds more than Trayvon

    This is clearly a complete lie, is there any one who actually believes when looking at the video of Zimmerman that he was actually 250 pounds? Also if Zimmerman was infact 250 pounds there is no way he could have caught up to a lean teenager who was a football player. So that kills the whole narrative that he ran him down and shot him.

    Distortion: Media showing old mugshot of zimmerman, when he clearly weighed more, at the same time they show photos trayvon which are a couple years old.

    This is clearly an attempt to paint zimmerman as some kind of gangbanging thug, since they have already determined he is guilty. Of course the photos they show of Trayvon are 2-3 years old.

    Distortion: Trayvon was aan honor student and an angel

    School records clearly show that Trayvon was suspended once for weed, and also suspended for having burgalary tools in his back pack along with various pieces of womens jewelery, clearly the kid had a checkered history.

    I dont even see why the media is so focused on lying about this, in my eyes it makes no difference that Trayvon was a piece of shit, because it has no bearing on what went down that night, so why does the media lie, if they arent attempting to convict the guy?

    Inconsistency: We are now hearing the left wing media claim that the fight did infact happen on the grass,

    This has changed so many times its laughable. When they wanted to say the cops are lying they claim that there are no grass stains so therefore cops are lying, when they want to claim zimmerman wasnt having his head banged into concrete they flip the script and say it happened on the grass

    The original claim from the left was that the cops are lying about grass stains on zimmermans shirt because they cant see grass stains on a dark shirt on a shitty video. Now the claim is that they are lying that it took place on the sidewalk. Cause the witness is unsurprisingly changing his testimony after watching what has happened in the media to everyone who supported zimmerman.

    This is also laughable, but what makes this part of the conspiracy theory even funnier is that if this whole incident took place on grass, and he didnt get his head slammed into the concrete, it would seem to support the notion that zimmerman got jumped from behind, so this one actually works against the left wing media.

    If infact zimmermans head was only being banged against the grass and not the side walk then how the hell did his head get busted open? He would have had to be hit in the back of the head for his head to be busted open, or his head would have had to be banged against concrete, your head can not be busted open from grass.

    So if the whole thing went down on the grass then that would mean that trayvon punched him in the back of the head, which means that Trayvon attacked him from behind. which would mean that zimmerman was infact the victim. So that one would totally fuck the left wing story up.

    This whole case has reasonable doubt written all over it, zimmermans life is ruined, but i doubt he will ever be convicted of homicide or manslaughter. Defense Lawyers are going to have a field day with this, any logical person can rip every single claim the media have made apart with ease.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Distortion: Fake pics of Trayvon

    In fairness someone in the right wing media put out a bunch of fake photos of Trayvon that make him look like a gangbanger, But just like I said above, whether or not Trayvon dressed like a wannabe gangster is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to this thing going to court.
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    Lets face it, the media put together a side-by-side photo of these two people and they sought the most innocent looking picture of Martin and the most sinister picture of Zimmerman that they could find. It was deliberate and it was malicious. I suppose that freedom of the press may protect that kind of thing but it is emblematic of what is going on in this country.

    News organizations no longer see themselves as "deliverers of the news" but instead pursue policital and social agendas that used to be confined to editorials. These days every story is slanted and distorted in order to manipulate the readers/viewers towards the viewpoint held by the media owners. We live in a time when the New York Times is called "Pravda on the Hudson" and is no longer expected to make a profit. The NYT loses millions upon millions of dollars yet still continues to operate. Why? The NYT operates now as a mouthpiece for leftist forces that are happy to fund it because of the perceived legitimacy it lends to the leftist agenda it communicates. It is a mercenary operation.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    New Distortion: (From Lawrence the linchpin ODonnell)

    He just had a paradmedic on his show who said that if a person had been hit repeatedly in the BACK of the head, or had the BACK of their head banged against the pavement, that person would have to be disoriented, and puking, and all kinds of other symptoms

    First Off i have gotten up after being knocked out cold, and while you are wobbly at first, and have no memory of it, 20 minutes later you can walk, and you arent puking.

    Secondly Lawrence and fake paramedic try to make it seem worse because the persons head was being banged against the pavement, they make it sound like someone is breaking fucking cinder blocks over his head, and that zimmerman couldnt possibly have gotten up if his head was being banged against the ground.

    If you think logically about the position, with Trayvon on top mounting zimmerman who is on his back, and trying to bang his head into the ground, due to simple anatomy you would probably not be able to concuss a guy like that, you would not be able to get his head high enough off the ground to create the necessary momentum to knock him out, you could cause him to bleed pretty badly but given the fact that it is the back of his head slamming into the pavement, i highly doubt you can knock someone out cold like that.

    When you get into a fight any area from your forhead on to the back of the head is basically the hardest area on your body, the guy is going to break his knuckles long before he knocks you out punching that area.

    You would have to be hit with some sort of weapon, or by someone who is professionaly trained to actually give a guy a severe concussion hitting them in that area.

    Concussions come from three ways, in a fight

    The first is actually in your neck, if you get punched so hard with a hook that your head spins so far to the left or right, your brain shuts down as a defense mechanism to stop your neck from continuing to bend in a circle, and your head falling off.

    Second way is getting hit in the side of the head in a soft spot like the temple.

    Third way is when you get cracked with an upercut and your mouth is open and your teeth click together to hard.

    The fourth way to get knocked out cold would be something that cant happen very often in a typical fight, and thats when you get hit so hard that your brain richochets off the back of your skull from the momentum.

    That kind of concussion can really only happen with professional athletes or weapons, and it there is almost no chance that could happen from someone hitting you in the forehead or back of the head, or slamming your head into the ground, when you are already on your back.

    That kind of concussion could happen if you fell while standing up if you fell with all of your momentum, and weight going downwards, and hitting the pavement, but i doubt you could generate the momentum necessary grabbing a guys head and banging it into the pavement while he is on his back.
  6. Dispatchers are low level minimum wage people that get alot of people killed with their advice. Case in point...9/11 the world trade center. 100s of people called 911 on sept. 11 asking what happened and what should they do. What was the dispatchers answer? Sit tight. Dont move. Wait for NYFD.

    If 911 taught us anything, it's not to sit tight. How fast do passengers subdue other passengers that just get a little loud and crazy on a plane now? Pretty darn fast. 4 planes that day and only 1 of them fought back and it was only AFTER they got information that other planes had crashed already. We have to go after these criminals before they hurt and kill us, the good people of the world. Otherwise they just get worse because nobody stops them.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Its funny cause i would have thought the media could just pursue the story based on the facts and get a conviction for Zimmerman. I think me and you are the only 2 who agree that Zimmerman is guilty who are still calling out this shameless bullshit by the left wing media.

    Not sure if you got a chance to listen to this video i posted, but Carolla basically summed it up perfectly, listen if you get a chance, the liberal media wants to paint their own picture, facts be damned, and they dont give a shit whose life they ruin.

    They had their story the second they heard about it and that story was one of a k.k.k. member mowing down a black kid in the street, then getting off cause of all of the white corruption in government...... So now its just a matter of creating one lie after another, and forming lynch mobs, to make sure that what they wanted the story to be ends up coming true.

    Im not a big believer in conspiracy theories but im starting to think this is a plot being pushed by democrats, in the last 8 months we have went from OWS and paying your fair share, and rich people somehow stealing from the poor, to the supposed GOP war on women, to this narrative of racism/white corruption running rampant in the south..... And none of these stories seem to be able to be backed up by any kind of credible/common sense information, It seems like the media is moving from one severely liberal agenda to another all in an attempt to distract from the fact that Obama has been the biggest failure in history.

    And dont get me wrong, i understand why the liberal media loves these stories, everyone loves the story of the underdog, thats why these stories get pushed so hard, but lately it just seems like they are reaching so far to push liberal stories and create false narratives, id be willing to bet we could find a bunch of legitimate racist stories in the past 3 weeks on google, but for whatever reason this was the one they chose to pursue, and now they are dead set on pushing any lie imaginable, to push this narrative.

    If the democrats are not in on it, they certainly are encouraging it.

    <iframe title="MRC TV video player" width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Not sure why you would try to discredit the dispatcher in this case. What the dispatcher said to Zimmerman is text book. Every single Dispatcher in the country will tell the person who is calling not to pursue the suspect. It is standard procedure.

    The dispatchers primary goal is to insure the safety of the person who is calling, as an example if a burgular was in your house the first thing they would tell you to do is to get to an area where you can hide, or run, they sure as hell dont tell you to walk up to him and take a swing, and see if you can hold down the fort till the cops arrive.....

    Dispatchers are probably the most under appreciated people in the world. I have a cousin who was a paramedic but she has issues with her knee and now manages the dispatch center. She took calls at first and thought she would be prepared for it because she had been a paramedic and had been to all kinds of gruesome scenes and car crashes, but she said the biggest difference is having to talk unemotionally to a person who is is in horror. I wouldnt be able to do it, id probably start crying cause i could feel the persons pain.

    Every single call they get is a call where somenoe is having the worst day of their life, that has to take a toll on a person, and they get paid jackshit for it. We were actually joking one time, and i told her i was going to dial 911 one day just to tell them what a great day it is, and tell them how much i appreciate them.

    Only job i can think of that would be worse would be being one of the people in the army who is assigned to tell families that their son just died. There is a movie called "The messenger" that goes over that with Woody Harrelson, i had never thought of it before, but the movie is really eye opening.

  9. achilles28


    That's a good analysis, Max. Personally, I find it hard to suffer the media when they distort the narrative so hard to fit their agenda. Wtf are they doing selling lies to foment a race war? I wonder if these people even have a soul? Anyway, these are the same sacks of shit America depends on to get a "balanced and comprehensive" view of the world, which explains why the country is in such a mess to begin with. I get my news from the alternative media. Mostly drudge, infowars and google local. Beyond that, it's 90% hype and lies of omission. Truly a sad state of affairs.

    The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. -Thomas Jefferson
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, the media pisses me off more than anything else, i expect politicians to lie to me, thats just a given, this is probably the only time i will side with a politician over someone, but atleast a politician actually has a reason to lie....

    They want to hold on to their job, so even though i think they are all scumbags for doing it, atleast i can understand the motive. Unless there is a clear agenda from the media i dont understand the motive, its not like they are going to pay guys like Ed Schultz, or Sean Hannity more money when they senselessly lie about things that are easy to disprove..... Or are they?

    I like Drudge too, i also like Real Clear politics I used to just go down there to see the polls, but if you actually read all the articles they link to on their homepage they are actually a really good news aggregator. I have noticed they have a penchanct for posting every single derogatory article about Bernanke, so automatically they are an A+ in my book..... :D

    You know any other good news aggregators? Im not interested in any left wing bull shit like huffington post, just anything that that lists news articles like drudge does with all the titles, and no pictures so you can easily scroll, and no flash so you can choose what to read.....

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