Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system at time of death

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    What respectable drug dealer wouldn't have a little tang in his system? Didn't someone point out that the items Trayvon purchased were the ingredients to make some popular fad drug?

    He was probably planning to get a lot higher before his dad got home from his dinner date with his local whore.
  2. More proof of Zimmermans guilt,when you're high on weed the last thing you want to do is fight
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    So, you are a pothead, too. That figures.
  4. Considering most gang bangin blacks are high 24/7 and there are drive by's every day of the week, I'd say your pet theory is full of shit.
  5. Being knowledgeable of the effects of drugs doesn't mean you use drugs moron.
  6. Of course he is...the kid wishes he was born black.
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    Dumbass, we all know the implications of your statement. Are you going to tell us you 'didn't inhale,' too? Don't try to make a stupid denial.
  9. lmao....Obama had trayvon pegged right. if I had a son.............he'd be in a choom gang...
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