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  1. This is a thread for travelling/nomad traders who would like to connect with other traders in their location, and potentially meet up and talk shop.

    I'll kick things off:
    Current location: Bangkok until mid July, then Chiang Mai Thailand until at least September
    Trading background: independent trader since 2001, discretionary swing trading equity index futures

    It would be good to see this thread take off, and maybe I'll meet some of you on the road.
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    Slight aside, I couldn't help but look back at some of your old posts and was interested to see this from Sep 2001: "My annual returns are around 100% and have never had a drawdown > 10%". Is this still true? You traded spreads back then and here you say equity index futures. So you basically trade equity index futures spreads?
    Sorry for the questions, your post just piqued my interest.
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  3. algofy


    Wow, this could actually be an interesting thread, looking forward to it and following. I don't travel but one day might enjoy that.
  4. I plan on trying on this lifestyle in the next 6 months. Just need to get my logistics in order, i.e. proper remote account setup, offshore account, correct passports etc, and then i'm off. Looks like it'll be north america and africa for me, for now. Too much Crusades Part 2 bs going on in the EU...

    Was based in NE USA but not comfortable sitting like a duck anymore.
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    how long do you plan on living in one area? Are you going to stay in hotels or airbnb type arrangements? Public wifi/hotspot?
  6. My plan is to start out in the US visiting friends all over the map. Then same thing in the Toronto area, visit some places in Canada I always wanted to see... head over to Africa and do a relatively safe tour of the stable capitals. The plan is to go with the flow for the next few years before i enslave myself to a woman (marriage) which i can feel coming. Just don't have the patience for the bachelor life anymore. And young broads get "old" fast, hehe.

    Part of me is hopeful we're on the verge of a massive vol spike and the return of a trader paradise all while i am galavanting about and banging models. These sick fantasies were born as a college student who JUST missed out on the dot com era and has blown up a few times along the way. This is my time. Let the world burn as long as markets stay online!

    I plan on a rule of no more than 30 days in one region. This should keep me frosty.
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    I like it, Godspeed young man, go get some of those models!!
  8. dealmaker


    You might run into Marc Faber aka Dr. Doom in Chiang Mai and Michael Covel is Saigon...
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  9. zdreg


    +Jim Rogers in Singapore.+george soros somewhere where he is trying to overthrow the government e.g. belarus etc.
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    Be SAFE, be vigilante, be alert, be smart, be respectful and be healthy!! Enjoy your bachelor life for as LONG as you can. Once you get married, it's a whole new ball game and you will never get what you have as a bachelor again unless you divorce and that's going to cost you at least HALF of what you have. So if you REALLY want to get married, REALLY REALLY make sure she's the girl that you really want. Don't be in a hurry just because you are afraid of young girls get "old". Age does not matter if she's the right girl for you.

    Have fun!
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