Traveling to China, Hong Kong, Australia, NZ

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  1. I will be travellng with a buddy throughout Asia and the South Pacific in June and July. I am a five-star traveler, so I would appreciate any advice on getting the best hotel rates in Thailand, Singapore, Malayisia , Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, and New Zealand. I would also appreciate advice about the best( most comfortable) way to travel in-country.
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    in case you can´t afford five-star hotel rates:

    in case you can´t afford five-star transportation:

    riksha & bicycle
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    The Mandarin Oriental Group has five star hotels in Hong Kong and Thailand, while you can check out the Raffles Group (owns Swiss-o'tel) for hotels in Cambodia. I think the Westin Group manages hotels in most of the countries you are visiting.

    Bon voyage.

    btw, its the monsoon season now, so get ready for humidity and heat and rain...

  4. If you travel to Melbourne, don't stay at the Park Hyatt. The food and service was extremely disappointing.

  5. Join 'Golden Circle' at Shangri-La. A great Asian franchise IMO ... & we love the service. They are in almost every destination in Asia.

    Btw, join Golden Circle and just book directly w/ them ... we've tried getting better rates through travel agents but unlike other chains never found a meaningful benefit to not booking directly through the hotel.
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    Yep, Shangri-la in bangkok is excellent.
  7. In Australia, try for hotel bookings.
  8. Try this I live in Singapore and used to travel the region a lot for work. I always used this site to book hotels.