Traveling through Europe and Asia doing non-profit work.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by qtip, May 27, 2004.

  1. qtip


    Hello all:

    This fall, I will be traveling through Europe and Asia doing not profit work and trading at the same time. Can anyone point me to a possible list of where I can open emini futures accounts whether it is London, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich...ect... Also, that they are reputable companies just in case I need some customer service. Any help will be greatly apprectiated!

  2. rwk


    I would suggest staying with an American broker. Some have servers in Europe and Asia, but you can reach anywhere in the world through the Internet.
  3. How about IB? Theyr'e an international broker with good rates.
  4. qtip


    I like IB's commission rates but really hate the customer service they give. I am most afraid because I will be traveling and might need customer support at times.

  5. qtip


    I guess the big question is do all of the E-mini traders in Europe use American brokers? There must be a few reliable brokers in Europe and Asia...?

  6. I would think that the hassle of setting up multiple accounts, with different brokers in different parts of the world, would be much more than the hassle of possibly having to deal with IB customer service. I would just go with IB and make sure that I have the local phone number on hand to get out of a trade quickly.
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    Good point. I think that will be the best way. I was just also curious to see what was out there. I can always go with IB or Mandirect out of London.