Travel Trading Setup... How to move monitors?

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  1. I want to be able to have a traveling trading setup but what is possible to back into a carry on?

    Does anyone really send thousands of dollars worth of fragile computer equipment into checked baggage?

    Ideally I'd have at least 2 1920x1200 monitors and I'm not afraid to lug a small "desktop" computer with me as well. While not as light as a laptop I will only be setting up at one spot and not trading from starbux. Problem is I don't think it is possible to even bring 2 24in monitors onto carry on. More monitors the better but this is my min spec.

    I'd really like to be able to travel around and trade from where ever I'm at. Anyone else lugging monitors and desktops around with them and what is your setup?
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    Interested as well in hearing what others are doing. I can't trade from a laptop: I need a minimum of one desktop with 2 screens and a laptop on the side for automated systems. It would be a lot simpler if I was fully automated( one laptop and that's it )

    What I currently do is I take the car while I should have otherwise taken the train or plane. I happen to like road trips. It can only be done in one continent . I have done it a couple of times to trade in Switzerland, Spain and France but you only have the WE to cover the distance if you don't want to miss a day of trading...

    For further trip, you need to get a local solution I guess. I will go in Chicago in 1 week and they are setting me up.

    I would like to hear if some have tried to send computers and screens to their new location...
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    what i did is i built a strong computer into one of these which is easy to pack

    Shuttle SX58H7 Intel Core i7

    the 22'' monitors went into a regular travel luggage sandwiched between a pillow (screen side) and clothes (backside)

    i just packed the luggage with clothes as much as possible to avoid movement

    worked perfect, i did 4 screens on seperate occasion without any problems


  4. Yeah I'm sure guys have built some sweet stuff. I need something I can buy off the rack.

    Monitor solution. Pack between pillows and cloths and check baggage seems like a guarantee it will be broken in 4-5 trips. I hope I'm wrong because it would make it so much easier just to throw in some cloths and pillows.

    For computer I guess I could get a laptop but like that desktops are more expandable and half the price. I can just buy a couple and not have to keep toting them around. This is the best I've found which would fit in my check in back.

    Dell Precision T1500 6.69" x 14.58" x 17.08"
    There were much smaller dells in the optiplex line 3.7 x 12.4 x13.4 but they don't offer 2 monitors at 1920x1200. I don't really care what type of computer it is I just want something off the shelf.
  5. Save the boxes everything comes in and ship it that way. Each time cut the tape so you don't damage the boxes. The OEM boxes are the best shipping containers. I always throw mine in the attic anyway. Keep in mind everywhere you go you're going to have to do something with all the boxes and packaging.

    And ship the stuff. I don't do any checked baggage.
  6. Get a laptop with Windows whatever, and pack one wide-screen monitor of your choice in a thin carry-on box that will fit in the overheads...

    Set up dual displays in 'doze.. primary being the laptop, secondary being the LCD... my travel kit -> done :).

    I basically trade and watch small-graph technicals like VIX, TICK, and TRIN off the laptop, and cram the heavily-monitored graphs onto the wide monitor...

    I'm assuming you know how to sync relevant files between the computers... this of course is done before you leave and after you get back.
  7. Carting around desktops and monitors is foolish. they make some really great 12" netbooks for around $350... buy three of them if you are worried about the screen space.

    If you need to trade that much you shouldn't be taking vacation. Stay home and work or take a vacation.

    Learn to use Remote Desktop or VNC or LogMeIn or PC Anywhere or any number of other remote access software.

    I can't think of anything more miserable than traveling to a hotel only to set up a makeshift workstation then sitting in a hotel all day and trading.
  8. I can think of nothing more miserable than being stuck visiting relatives in North Dakota for two-weeks with little else to do than listen to the old-ladies tell you the same stories they have for years.

    Regarding netbooks... When was the last time you successfully traded using three 12" netbooks? Let's start with simple things... their keyboards are for midget-hands... touch-typing on them is terrible and a recipe for loss when you are used to large keyboards... not to mention the amount of usable screen space you get... that's maybe one chart per 12" netbook. Netbooks are also optimized for cost, not for performance or durability.

    VNC / remote access is fine if you don't need the best timing for screen refresh... otherwise count on at *least* half a second or more of delay.

    I'll be foolish and make money with my widescreen lcd that's smaller than most carry-on luggage... you can trade off tuna-cans and string if that makes money for you. :p
  9. I didn't give all the info as I didn't think it was pertinent to the question. I do know how to use VNC and will be connection to my work computer. I want to be able to go to DR for a couple months to kiteboard, Tahoe for couple months to ski and then probably a couple months back in Chicago and other in Austin or Jackson Hole. And if I want to pack up and go somewhere for a week or two I just want to pack up and go not have to ship things to unknown addresses.

    I just need to figure out how to have a some what portable system with dual 1920x1200 min preferable quad.

    I still don't understand why there is always someone who pipes in about don't trade on vacation. Well like others have said I enjoy it and it doesn't take me all day just a couple hours. To each is own I guess. Even if I was gone a week I'd want to have access cause no trading equals no pay for me.
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