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    Please help.
    Somebody travelled across Russia? How There?
    I Am going to go here, advise, what route is better for choosing? Of what agency to take advantage? On the internet it is a lot of sites offering these services (,,,, etc.), but it were would be desirable to hear opinion of people which already there.
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  4. in 1994 i took the trans siberian railway from Khborosvsk (something like that) in western Siberia to Moscow. Its more than a week and quite scenic. It was a beautiful but dangerous place.

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    I'd skip the trans-siberian. Rather than being stuck on a train for days, a much more interesting route is to go via the old Soviet Central Asian republics. From Moscow, go either East to Kazan in Tartarstan or south to Volgograd - then travel through Western Kazakhstan and into Uzbekistan (well, worth seeing). You then have a choice to wonder down into Turkmenistan and Tajikistan or Kyrghistan / Kazakhstan. From Almaty, Kazkahstan you could then come back to Moscow... or head into China.

    Also don't miss what they call the Golden Ring - a bunch of old sleepy, Russian towns around Moscow. Much more interesting than Moscow.. and it goes without saying don't miss St.Petersburg... hope you've got a few months!
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    across Russia? You are brave. Why don't you just go to Moscow and St Petersburg and skip the rest? Get a taxi to take you 50km from Moscow and you will see a big forest, it's the same after 500, 1000, 5000 km.
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