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  1. anyone doing summer vacation travelling and trading ocassionally? i'm interested how one can travel throughout europe and still trade through wireless internet.
  2. that wireless internet is not as secure ...

    be careful .... if trading ....
  3. thats one of my concerns, i havent used it yet
  4. I wonder how satellite service and stability is.
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    be careful .... if trading .... while driving ....

    more and more internet cafes in Europe allow to plug in your own notebook onto the internet
  6. who cares.

    change your password often.

  7. Depends where in Europe.
    Big cities are no problem.
    Small towns and some beach areas are often problematic in terms of finding an internet cafe. Spain is good. France ok.

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    Get a wireless card to your laptop from vodafone or something and you can use your laptop wherever. Works fine in Sweden at least...
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    Sorry, the fastest net, 3G (cable speed) is only functional in one country at time. My bad... :( You have to use GPRS instead which is the same speed as modem. Check it out at
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