Trauma Of "you're Invited"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IN2WIN, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. IN2WIN


    I discovered the painful costly way that it's a lot easier to trade alone than have people watching you while you trade.

    I never dreamed there would be such a psychological impact of knowing your actions are effecting other's and that you are being "evaluated" by a review board on every move you make. As much as I "tried to act as if alone" the unconscious knowledge ran the show.

    Trading can be challenging enough, but adding "looking good" is a whole different animal!

    So far I have found that my attempt to be "helpful" has really been a disaster to date.

    Just wanted to publicly apologize for my apparent BIG ego that lead me to make the offer in the first place. It was well intended, but I clearly will need a period of adjustment if it is ever to be workable.
  2. tango29


    I didn't follow up on your reply to watch, because unless someone else took your email address I have watched before when you solicited via paltalk. The results sound like they are the same as that time. If you are doing this honestly then good luck, but if this is a way to start charging people then don't!
  3. IN2WIN


    My goal was to be of help by having others experience a period of successful trade management. I felt that during the time they would learn to recognize that many trades needed to be held during difficult periods in order to ultimately reach a successful target. Additionally, I hoped that they would see that religiously following a simple system produced consistent positive results, and there was no need to master every concept out there.

    Clearly I have not set the example in public that I had intended; quite the contrary. I did a lot of work since you "looked on" and believed that I had resolved the issues I encountered in trading while under the scrutiny of others before posting an open offer on ET. Unfortunately, today proved that to be otherwise.

    I intend to continue my efforts a bit longer, as I believe there is some deeply personal issue involved and overcoming it would have a beneficial effect on other aspects of my life as well.

    One thing I discovered is that trading is an excellent place to come face to face with you. There are no bosses, employees, parents, spouses, friends, governments, terrorists, etc. you can point a finger at for your actions or results. In trading you "know", or must face up to the fact, the only one responsible for results, good or bad, is yourself.

    And so I continue to face and challenge myself with the expectation of being bigger than whatever issue has been standing in my path to succeeding at this project; ultimately to the benefit of others as well as myself.

  4. you have a great attitude, do not give up !


  5. IN2WIN


    Thank you, but it gets more difficult to continue each day as my personal account has suffered greatly during this project.

    I have yet been unable to defeat the "monster within" that seems to mysteriously take over during trading day. My determination my have to give way to economic good sense should this continue much longer.
  6. monkey


    so did you break your streak from here?
  7. Just tell yourself that losing is OK. Losing is not bad. If u can't be a loser you can't be a winner. If it's difficult for u now u will have difficulty trading bigger size. Like the Nike phrase, " Just Do IT."

    Good Luck!!:)

  8. IN2WIN


    The month is not over, and it seems I am getting back into the rhythm even with guests looking on.

    I'll let you know at the end of the month how it turns out, or PM me to tune in and see for yourself.
  9. IN2WIN


    Thank you for your input.

    Actually I have no problem "losing" per say, I have a some losing trades every day. I'm just not used to large uncontrolled losses I had while first getting myself emotionally set to deal with being on view, so to speak.

    Than God, I seem to have gotten past the initial ego shock and seem to be back on track.

    I don't judge my performance on having a "winning" or losing trade or day; I judge it on how disciplined I was in following my system.

    I know that is where the real long term "magic" is in producing consistent, predictable results.

    Getting back on track has gotten the account back to where it was, and with the markets help, it will up for the month on 7/31.
  10. What exactly did you do and what exactly happen when you traded in realtime for traders to see?

    I guess I missed the beginning of this there a link to it elsewhere here at EliteTrader?

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